Tanesco ajira: nafasi za kazi tanesco Tanzania jobs

Tanesco ajira, if you have been looking for nafasi za kazi tanesco Tanzania jobs then here you’re at the right place whereby you will find out tanesco ajira portal and all other tanesco ajira 2023

Tanesco ajira

It is important to know that what you need to know for you to be able to apply for tanesco Tanzania jobs 2023, what are the conditions, qualifications and experience level that they need in order to hire you

Actually, in every year there are many number of opportunities that tanesco have created everyday to welcome all candidates or applicants to fill in all the gap which need to be covered by someone who will fit on those gap.

So through the available opportunities of ajira tanesco moshi whereby they looking for some people who will be working in various sectors of departments within tanesco which some of the departments have some gaps.


Tanesco ajira nafasi za kazi tanesco Tanzania jobs
Nafasi za kazi tanesco Tanzania jobs


Those gaps need to be filled by you as a candidate who need a job. So all the available position need to be covered through the recruiting process of candidate or applicant which can be done in different ways depend with the methods that they will use.

For those in other region here in Tanzania such as ajira tanesco njombe, as you can see that the company is one but the process of finding candidates or applicants is different this mean that in every region can undergo their own recruitment of getting employees.

In njombe people can be able to work at tanesco if they will manage to get a chance of being employed if they will succeed to pass all the steps of interview. The only way to recruite applicants or candidates is done through interview.

And this will be the same even for ajira tanesco morogoro that as the way other regions did also in morogoro can be the same but the intervals of employing people can be different this it might depend with the needs of people.

Some regions they don’t employ frequently it may take time to time with the intervals of what they have or made for themselves for recruiting candidates or applicants, unless if they are needed urgently by the company.

Of course many people prefer much to work and get the job where they want to work, people have targets and goals in their lives that if they will get a job in or a chance to be employed by tanesco they beleive that they will have good life.

So as you can see that most of people work because of want they believe and because of that some of them, they may come up with something extraordinary and even doing perfect due to self motivated and self Service focused.

Nafasi za kazi tanesco

Actually, there are many nafasi za kazi tanesco that announced everyday, many people especially those who have studied issuse or matter in electronic they can be employed at tanesco and work as artisan, mechanical, or operators.

So there are many and a lot of opportunities at tanesco Tanzania jobs which need to be filled and sometimes they just need more people to work for them in case of emergency when something happen accidentally.

Through nafasi za kazi tanesco, people can get job of their professional which can help them to support thier lives and assist them in many ways even if the salaries or wages is low but somehow it will bring joy to them as long they get paid.

List of regions tanesco operates

In Tanzania, tanesco is big company that which supply electricity in a country almost to all regions here in Tanzania. It have many sources which give it the power to dominate in Tanzania since it get support from the government.

So tanesco has supply the power to all regions in Tanzania, and bring light not only for the country but also in the heart of the people that wherever it settled there are opportunities for people to get jobs and being employed.

Here are the regions that tanesco operates in Tanzania and here are some of them because are so many,

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  • Mbeya
  • Mwanza
  • Singida
  • Moshi
  • Iringa
  • Njombe
  • Mbozi
  • Kyela
  • Shinyanga
  • Lindi
  • Mtwara
  • Tabora
  • Dar Es Salaam
  • Morogoro
  • Songwe
  • Kilimanjaro
  • Kigoma

How to find tanesco Tanzania jobs

It is important now to know that how will you find tanesco Tanzania jobs, also you need to know that how did they announce and where usually they post for job advertising.

Nowday many institutions and organizations here in Tanzania, since due to high technology and people have much skills and knowledge in computer science so they are many have changed.

Previous most of people they used to apply for jobs through utumishi ajira portal, and mostnof companies especially those which are under the government they use utumishi ajira portal to recruite candidates or applicants to fill the available positions.

But not all some of them where done it through the use of email to recruite whereby they asked for certificates , cover letters and curriculum vitae. So people send them electronically through email.

Bu currently as time move on most of them now days they have their own recruiting portal that use to recruite applicants or candidates to fill in the available positions.

Here are the ways that can used to find for tanesco Tanzania jobs or nafasi za kazi tanesco 2023,

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  • Check the available opportunities through their website in career section
  • Check out through ajira portal
  • Sometimes it can be done through newspaper or magazines
  • Try to visit various websites that announce jobs

What are the requirements

Nafasi za kazi tanesco makao makuu, here are the requirements that you need to have which will support you to secure a job. The requirements are not hard in the way that may himdering with the process.

So for you to be able to apply for nafasi za kazi tanesco mwanza, all you need to do is to make sure that, you have observed all the requirements from job description.

Through job description is the best way or is another way to see yourself if you will fit for the position or role with the skills and knowledge that you have if you will fit for that in nafasi za kazi tanesco mbeya (dodoma).

Here are the requirements and qualifications to observe them before you applying for tanesco Tanzania jobs,

  • Read job description carefully
  • Have a needed qualifications
  • Provide all your certificates
  • Names of referees and their details
  • Have a recent passport size picture
  • Reach atleast ordinary level of education
  • Have professional certificate
  • Have extra skills and knowledge
  • Knowledge of computer

Tanesco huduma kwa wateja (namba za simu)

Plot No. 114, Block G, Dar es Salaam Road, P.O.Box 453 Dodoma.

0748 550 000