Sheli nafasi za kazi: ajira mpya sheli jobs in Tanzania 2023

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In this article we have provide the relevant ways that can be used to apply for sheli jobs here in Tanzania which will be so helful for you to be able to get or secure a job that you want to apply and be successful in all processes or procedures that you need to take.


Sheli nafasi za kazi: ajira mpya sheli jobs in Tanzania 2023
Sheli nafasi za kaz


There are many jobs here in Tanzania that a person can find and start receiving money as salaries or wages on what they do, but also aprt from being employed a person can employed themselves by doing online activities by earning through google to make a lot of money.

Sheli nafasi za kazi

So for those who are working here in Tanzania, normally people or workers are categories into two gruoup which are used to identify them according to their skills, knowledge and experience that a person have on a particular job.

Types of labor that normally used to categories worker in institutions or organizations as follows;

  • Skilled labor
  • Semi skilled labor
  • Unskilled labor

The Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (Swahili: Shirika la Maendeleo ya Petroli Tanzania) is the national oil company of Tanzania and owner of all licenses for energy development in the country. The company was established through the Government Notice No.140 of 30 May 1969 under the Public Corporations Act No.17 of 1969. The Corporation began operations in 1973. It is a wholly owned Government parastatal, with all its shares held by the Treasurer Registrar.

In the summer of 2015, the Parliament of Tanzania passed three legislative Acts dealing with energy and directly impacting the company: the Petroleum Act 2015, the Tanzania Extractive Industry (Transparency and Accountability) Act 2015, and the Oil and Gas Revenues Management Act 2015.

List of sheli

In Tanzania there are many oil companies that operates which have played a great part in economic of our country. Through oil companies that operates here in Tanzania have created a large number of people to get jobs who previous were jobless.

So these oil companies are owned by private and some by the government but all have given power and authority under the TPDC which regulate and control all oil companies here in Tanzania.

  • Oilcom
  • Lakeoil
  • Kolnoil
  • Total
  • Puma
  • Gapco
  • Kanji oil
  • Dumila oil
  • Penl oil
  • Kondwi oil

How to apply nafasi za kazi sheli

So in order for you to apply for job in oil company here in Tanzania, it is very simple and easy because this kind of jobs are not hard to apply and also even to find them it is simple because they are not complicated.

The most things that you need to consider in during apply jobs za sheli ya mafuta, you need to know exactly which sheli and what kind of title that you’re looking for before starting apply this jobs.

  • Make sure that you have done your research
  • Make sure that you know which title or area you want to work
  • You need to know and understand how they pay
  • Have an emil account to apply for jobs
  • Choose which company you prefer ton work with

Barua ya kuomba kazi sheli

Here are the few things that you need to show them in application letter for shel jobs here in Tanzania.

  • Location – where you live
  • Your names
  • Mobile number
  • Skills and knowledge
  • Passport size picture
  • Signature
  • Names of referees

Mshahara wa sheli

The payment of salaries or wages if you have find a job in any shel here in Tanzania, the payment may differ or varies depending with the ares of work that you take

Sometimes this differents may varies due to to the level of skills and knowledge that a particular person have compare to another person on the same role

Also it can be caused by the level of experience, sometimes if someone have more experience than the other on particular role they can be paid different because of what they know and understand.