Mpesa charges / Tariffs in Tanzania (Ada mpya za mpesa)

Mpesa charges / Tariffs in Tanzania (Tozo or Ada mpya za mpesa), are you still need to know or searching out and try to find out what are the new mpesa charges in Tanzania due to new changes that take place. Through this post you will find out the new mpesa Tariffs in Tanzania (Vodacom Tanzania).

In Tanzania there are many telecommunications companies that provide or offering communication that enable people to communicate from one person to another. Many companies try their best to offering or provide services to their customers.

Mpesa charges / Tariffs in Tanzania

There are many changes have been taking places here in Tanzania, all those changes are happened or occurred to make best change that will be suitable for both users and for companies. Because recently the cost of sending and withdrawal money was very high so things were tough and difficult for customers to use the mobile money services.

So after changes that take place now it simple because the cost now is low and it favor users as the way it was before. So things became normal as usual. So through Vodacom as among the telecommunication companies here in Tanzania, they come up with new campaign know as MPESA IMEITIKA.

Mpesa charges / tariffs in Tanzania. So through this campaign Vodacom reduce the cost of sending and withdrawal money charges to all users of mpesa if you use MPESA MOBILE APP, to send or withdrawal money using the Vodacom mobile app.

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Check out the new Mpesa charges / Tariffs in Tanzania

Here you can check and view all the new chanhes of send and withdrawal charge rates that took place and this is the conclusion after they came up with new solutions and agreement to consider the two parts. Ada mpya za mpesa 


M-Pesa charges


Things to remember about M-Pesa

• There are no charges when you deposit money into your M-Pesa account via our agents.
• Make sure your M-Pesa information is correct otherwise you can go to your nearest Vodacom Shop to verify your information.
• You can send up to Tshs 5m per day or have up to Tshs 10m in your M-Pesa account whenever you complete your registration
• Verify your registration by dialling *106#.
• When sending money, always review the recipient’s number to avoid inconvenience.
• When you make a transaction at an agent you will be required to show your ID.
• You can start using M-Pesa after 48 hours when you swap your number.
• To find out the terms and conditions for using M-Pesa visit your nearest Vodacom store or
• M-Pesa shows the balance after every transaction via SMS for FREE
• If you make a transaction to check the balance, you will be charged Tsh 60.
• When you make payments to merchants registered with the Pay by Phone service via M-Pesa, you will be charged the regular fee for sending money to registered customers.
• All M-Pesa transaction fees listed above are inclusive of Excise Duty and VAT
• Your M-Pesa PIN is your SECRET. Do not give it to anyone, even if it is an M-Pesa agent or a Vodacom employee.
• For further assistance contact customer service by dialling 100 toll free