How To Get NIDA Number | Jinsi Ya Kupata Namba Ya NIDA

How To Get NIDA Number | Jinsi Ya Kupata Namba Ya NIDA

To obtain your NIDA number (National Identification Number) in Tanzania, you can do so through SMS or using a mobile phone service provided by NIDA. Here’s how you can get your NIDA number:

FFARS Tamisemi
FFARS Tamisemi
  1. Getting NIDA number via SMS:
  • Send a free SMS to the number 15096.
  • The SMS should contain the following information in this format: Applicant’s first nameApplicant’s last nameApplicant’s date of birthMother’s first nameMother’s last name.
  • For example, if your name is Veronica Mushi, your date of birth is 09/02/1999, and your mother’s name is Maria Mtui, the format would be: VERONICAMUSHI09021999MARIAMTUI.
  1. Obtaining NIDA number for Airtel and Vodacom users:
  • Dial 15200# on your mobile phone.
  • Choose option 3 (Employment and Recognition).
  • Choose option 2 (NIDA).
  • Enter your three registered names (e.g., Veronica Daniel Mushi).
  • Enter the phone number you provided in the application form (e.g., 075XXXXXXX).
  • Agree to proceed.

Please note that the mobile phone service is currently available for Airtel and Vodacom users.

Having a national identity card (NIDA) is essential in Tanzania as it serves as a universally accepted form of identification. It is required for various purposes such as opening bank accounts, getting a loan, registering for marriage, and more. The NIDA number helps protect you from fraud, theft, and other crimes against your personal information.

If you need more information or assistance, you can contact the National Identification Authority (NIDA) at the following numbers: 0759 102010, 0765 201020, 0673 333444, or toll-free at 0800 758888.

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