Kozi zenye kipaumbele kupata mkopo HESLB Latest 2023/2024

Kozi zenye kipaumbele kupata mkopo HESLB, here are the courses with high priority to get loan from HESLB, it is great to know that exactly what kozi have been given the high priority to receive loan provided by the government.

Kozi za kupata mkopo HESLB, many students who have finished their advanced education and waiting for the results whether they pass or fail so as to join with university or college studies.


Kozi zenye kipaumbele kupata mkopo HESLB
Kozi zenye kipaumbele kupata mkopo HESLB


In this article it will be very helpful for those who planned to apply for HESLB loan, but they don’t know exactly which courses will support you to get loan from HESLB because not all courses receive loan.

So then here you’re at the right place whereby you will be able to know which courses that will support with loan application from HESLB. There is no need to worry anymore just take time to read and view all the courses that offers loan.

Kozi zenye kipaumbele kupata mkopo

It is very important to know that in every year government provide loan to support students in their university studies which for aim of helping them with all matters or issues that they can be able to deal with them.

So the high education students loan board was introduced for the aim of helping student financially to assist them in their daily lives while they are in university. But this money it should be given back to the board through deduct from thier sources of income especially in salaries.

Courses categories

These courses have been categories into three main categories whereby a student may need to foucs on them and choose which course to students that fall in each category. Kozi zenye kipaumbele kupata mkopo HESLB 2023/2024

  • Science
  • Business
  • Social

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How to choose courses with high priority to get loan

As an applicant or candidate and you need to apply for loan, then you need to observe few things that which will make you to succeed in your study and not only receiving loan.

  • You have to know what you need to study in university
  • Choose the course wisely not because of loan
  • Identify the pros and cons of that course that you want to take

These are the courses with high priority

These are the courses with high priority to get loan from HESLB, so all you need to know is to make sure that you choose wisely on what you know. Kozi zenye kipaumbele kupata mkopo 2023/2024

Cluster I

Programmes under this cluster include: –

(i) Education in Science Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology,
Mathematics and ICT
(ii) Health Sciences (Doctor of Medicine, Dental Surgery,
Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Midwifery, Prosthetics
and Orthotics, Physiotherapy, Biomedicine, Biotechnology and
Laboratory sciences, Radiotherapy Technology);
(iii) Engineering sciences: Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Mining,
Mineral and Processing, Textile, Chemical and Processing,
Agriculture, Food and Processing, Automobile, Industrial,
Maritime Transportation, Marine Technology, Electronics and
Telecommunication, and Bio- Processing and Post-Harvest,
Water and Irrigation, Aircraft Maintenance and Pilot

(iv) Petroleum Geology, Petroleum Chemistry, Oil and Gas
(v) ICT and Programming, Information Systems Management
(vi) Actuarial and Data sciences
(vii) Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Sciences and
Production Management
(viii) Bachelor of Arts in Kiswahili

Cluster II

Programmes under this cluster include: –

(i) Basic Sciences: Applied Zoology, Botanical, Chemistry, Physics,
Biology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology,
Fisheries and Aquaculture, Aquatic Environmental Sciences
and Conservation, Geology, Mathematics and Statistics,
Environmental Sciences, Environmental Health, Wildlife and
Conservation), Environmental, Urban Development and
Industrial Metrology; and
(ii) Lands and Valuation Sciences: (Architecture, Landscape and
Architecture, Interior Design, Building Survey, Building
Economics, Urban and Regional Planning, Land Management
and Valuation, and Geospatial Technology).

Cluster III

Programmes under this cluster include:

(i) Humanities, Business Management and Social Sciences:
Accountancy, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Statistics,
Environment, Community Development, Social Welfare,
Development studies, Sociology, Political Sciences, Arts,
painting, creative science, Music, Law and Legal Studies,
Languages (except Kiswahili), Literature, Geography,
Psychology, Anthropology, Archeology, Media and
Communications Studies.
(ii) All other courses not listed in either of the clusters, will fall
under Cluster III.