Why is my Skrill Withdrawal pending? Know it all, 2023

Why is my Skrill Withdrawal pending, in this post if you use skrill account but you face some issues that which are so difficult for you to understand the real problem that your withdrawal is pending. So in this articles you will find out the reasons that may happen and make your withdrawal pending.  

Why is my Skrill Withdrawal pending
Why is my Skrill Withdrawal pending


Why is my Skrill Withdrawal pending

In 2015, Skrill was acquired by Optimal Payments, the parent company of rival digital wallet Neteller, for €1.1 billion. During this period, Skrill Group announced in April 2015 that it had completed acquisition of Ukash, a UK-based competitor of paysafecard, which was merged during the same year.

In November 2015, Optimal Payments rebranded as Paysafe. In 2018, Skrill began to extend the amount of services offered to its customers, launching an international money transfer service in February 2018, and a crypto service in July 2018 allowing users to buy and trade cryptocurrencies.

This was followed by the launch of Skrill’s customer loyalty programme, KNECT, in November 2019 and the extension of the international money transfer service to US customers in June 2020.

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Reasons that might cause

A transaction may remain pending untill the merchant either collects the funds or in some cases, send a request to cancel the particular transaction.

There are many reasons that might happen which may cause your withdrawal pending on skrill account. Those issues if may not be solved within the time it will become problem to you and sometimes it may delay any transaction that you will make through skrill account.

If you face this problem that you find yourself the withdrawal is pending on your skrill account, there is no need for you to panic or having worries this problem is common and sometimes it maight very rarely to happen in your account.

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So the best way to do that if you face kind of this problem all you need is to make sure that you have to do the following to ensure that if the problem is within your skrill account or the problem is not in your account.

Things to do in order to solve this problem

Here are the few things that you need to take into the consideration if you have face this kind of problem as follows:

  • You need to review your skrill account.
  • Check for any updates that application made.
  • Check the possibility of new version of application that you use.
  • Verify the withdrawal methods that you use.
  • Verify your skrill account.