Who is Wife Larry David? Meet Ashley Underwood

Curiosity has often peaked around the personal life of the notoriously private “Seinfeld” co-creator and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star, Larry David. In a rare glimpse into his off-screen world, let’s introduce Ashley Underwood, the woman who has captured Larry David’s heart.

Who is Larry David’s wife?

Ashley Underwood isn’t a stranger to the entertainment industry herself. She entered Larry David’s orbit professionally as a producer for Sacha Baron Cohen’s provocative satirical show “Who Is America?” and the 2020 hit “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.” Her connection with Cohen and his wife, actress Isla Fisher, facilitated her introduction to Larry David.

How did their paths cross?

The story of Larry David and Ashley Underwood’s meeting sounds like a script from a romantic comedy. The pair were first introduced at Sacha Baron Cohen’s birthday bash in 2017. Their seating arrangement, not coincidentally next to each other, was the work of their mutual friends Cohen and Fisher. David recounted to The New York Times his strategy for the evening, which was to make a timely exit while the evening was going well to preserve the good impression he had made.

What was their relationship timeline?

In the world of love and cohabitation, things progressed interestingly for the couple. By 2019, Ashley, along with her cat, had moved into David’s home, where they lived with his daughter, Cazzie David. This living situation provided comedic fodder of sorts, with David describing their day-to-day as a series of friction-filled moments, mostly about household chores.

When did they decide to tie the knot?

The relationship, ripe with humor and domestic tiffs, led to marriage on October 8, 2020. They opted for a ceremony in Southern California, marking the start of a new chapter in both their lives. This union came after Larry David’s first marriage to environmentalist Laurie David, which ended in 2007.

What makes their relationship unique?

From adopting pets to navigating domestic life during a pandemic, Larry and Ashley’s relationship seems to be a blend of the mundane and the meaningful. Ashley’s influence is evident, as Larry humorously pointed out that he ended up with “another dog and another wife,” despite swearing off both after his first marriage.

Do they share interests?

One might wonder if a couple so different can share common interests. They do, but with a twist. Larry David shared with The New York Times that they have a non-traditional approach to watching TV shows together—often not waiting for each other, causing a slight but humorous contention.

What’s the secret to their marriage’s success?

The couple keeps a low profile, which might be their secret sauce. While Larry David is public about his disdain for societal norms, Underwood quietly revels in his humor, allowing them the freedom to leave dinner parties at their whim, thanks to Larry’s comedic timing.


While details about Ashley Underwood are guarded and precious, what’s clear is that she shares more than just a home with Larry David. They share pets, laughter, and a marriage that, despite its privacy, has become a subject of public fascination. In a way, Underwood’s story reflects a narrative that’s both ordinary and extraordinary, where the everyday lives of a couple intersect with the world of Hollywood yet stay refreshingly real.

FAQs about Larry David’s wife

  1. Who is Larry David’s wife? Ashley Underwood is a producer who has worked with Sacha Baron Cohen and is a friend of actress Isla Fisher.
  2. How did Larry David and Ashley Underwood meet? They were introduced at Sacha Baron Cohen’s birthday party in 2017.
  3. When did Larry David and Ashley Underwood get married? The couple married on October 9, 2020, in Southern California.
  4. Does Larry David have any children from previous marriages? Yes, he has two daughters, Cazzie and Romy, from his previous marriage to Laurie David.
  5. Do Larry David and Ashley Underwood have any pets? Yes, they share a cat named Elwood and an Australian shepherd named Bernie.