Who Is Jeffree Star Dating Right Now, Relationship, Partner

Who Is Jeffree Star Dating Right Now? Relationship, Partner: Jeffree Star is a prominent figure in the beauty and entertainment industry, known for his unique persona and contributions. Let’s take a friendly look into the life of Jeffree Star, exploring his background, career, and some intriguing aspects of his life.

Jeffree Star Early Life and Career Beginnings:

Born on November 15, 1985, as Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr., in Los Angeles County, California, Jeffree Star discovered his passion for makeup at a young age. His journey into the spotlight began on MySpace, where he gained fame for his creative and distinctive makeup looks.

Jeffree Star Multifaceted Talent:

Jeffree Star isn’t just a makeup artist. He’s also a former singer-songwriter who released his debut studio album, “Beauty Killer,” in 2009. The album featured the single “Lollipop Luxury,” a collaboration with Nicki Minaj. Despite the music venture not reaching the heights he envisioned, Jeffree seamlessly transitioned into the world of makeup.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics:

In 2014, Jeffree Star launched his own cosmetics brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which swiftly gained popularity for its high-quality products and vibrant color palettes. Jeffree’s personal YouTube channel, where he reviews makeup products and shares tutorials, played a pivotal role in promoting his brand.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is now a global sensation, known for its innovative products like high-pigment eyeshadows and liquid lipsticks. Jeffree’s bold and sometimes controversial marketing campaigns have added to the brand’s allure, generating significant buzz within the beauty community.

Jeffree Star YouTube Stardom:

With over 24 million subscribers, Jeffree Star’s YouTube channel has become a go-to destination for makeup enthusiasts. His videos encompass makeup reviews, tutorials, and entertaining challenges. The series “Jeffree’s Star Search” stands out, giving aspiring makeup artists a chance to win a contract with his cosmetics brand.

Jeffree Star Ventures Beyond Makeup:

Jeffree’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond cosmetics. He has ventured into clothing and owns a music label. Not just a business mogul, he’s also a philanthropist, contributing to various charities, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Trevor Project.

Jeffree Star Controversies:

Jeffree Star’s journey has not been without its share of controversies. Accusations of bullying, racism, and sexism have surfaced at various points in his career. His marketing campaigns, though effective, have been criticized for being offensive and exploitative. Despite the controversies, Jeffree’s unapologetic personality has solidified his place in the beauty industry.

Jeffree Star Awards and Recognition:

Acknowledgment of Jeffree’s impact on the beauty world comes through numerous awards. He’s received the Shorty Award for Best in Beauty, the Teen Choice Award for Choice Beauty Web Star, and the Streamy Award for Best Makeup and Beauty Series. Additionally, he’s been listed among Time magazine’s 30 Most Influential People on the Internet.

Jeffree Star’s Personal Life:

Jeffree Star’s personal life often captures public attention. His relationships, in particular, have been under the spotlight. Notably, he was in a five-year relationship with Nathan Schwandt, which ended in 2020. Other high-profile relationships include one with basketball player Andre Marhold.

Jeffree Star Current Relationship Status:

As of now, Jeffree Star has not publicly confirmed a current romantic partner. In January 2023, he sparked rumors by sharing a photo holding hands with an unidentified person and mentioning a “#NFL boo in Wyoming.” While he has not disclosed further details, he did mention being single but having “two little boy toys” who visit his ranch in Wyoming, clarifying they are not NFL players.


Jeffree Star’s journey from MySpace fame to global cosmetics brand owner and YouTube sensation is nothing short of remarkable. While controversies have dotted his path, his impact on the beauty industry remains undeniable. As for his personal life, Jeffree keeps aspects private, adding an air of mystery to the multifaceted personality that is Jeffree Star.


Are Shane and Jeffree still friends?

Yes! Jeffree has become closer with Shane after the viral “Secret World of Jeffree Star” documentary. Ever since, they’ve been making more videos together, have planned to launch a makeup palette, and Shane has announced he’s collaborating with Jeffree on another documentary.

How much is Jeffree Star worth in 2023?

Jeffree Star’s net worth in 2023 will be $200 million. His wealth exploded in 2019 after his now-controversial collaboration with Shane Dawson. Check out his net worth over the years: Jeffree Star net worth in 2022: $184 million