Usajili Yanga 2023/24 Yanga transfer Updates

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Tetesi za usajili yanga 2023/2024: yanga transfer rumors, mwanaspoti tetesi za usajili yanga and usajili yanga dirisha dogo, is not behind in transfer for this new upcoming season to make themselves more strong and tough throughout on this following season.

This new yanga transfer window rumors that they are many as fans have heard and expected to see the great more on this season how the squad will be and either will team chemistry remain high or low.


Tetesi za usajili yanga 2023/2024: yanga transfer rumors
Tetesi za usajili yanga 2023/2024


Mwanaspoti tetesi za usajili leo, peolpe especially fans have heard many things about the new signing players from best football club in Africa such as Ivory coast, South Africa, Ethiopia and so on.

In every season there are two window which allow team to take an advantage to engage in transfer of sign in and sign out of players. So through tetesi za usajili yanga dirisha dogo, team can make a great changes in team squad.

In this season so far yanga football club have shown the great thing and amazing on pitch of football that the game or ball that yanga played is very enjoyable and awesome. The team chemistry is superbab compare to the previous years.

Yanga did well in these two consecutive years that has managed to won the league title against their best rival simba who finished in second position of NBC premier league table.

Tetesi za usajili yanga

A part from national league but also did well in CAF known as kombe la shirikisho, whereby yanga managed to reach final stage where it play against USM Algers of Algeria. This is a great achievement that yanga have reach this season so far.

Through participating in kombe la shirikisho, yanga has announced new kits jerseys that yanga will used to wearing them when they played against any team in this tournament. Yanga is among the team that have amazing and well designed jerseys.

Mwanaspoti tetesi za usajili leo

This is a new lists of names that yanga football club on this new tetesi za usajili yanga sc, will looking forward to sign them to join young African Club this next season 2023/2024.

Marcel Kalonda

This is among of the player that yanga is looking to sign for this new season. So yanga it looking for this player who is playing defense, this means that it want to strengthen it defense in the niddle because Marcelo Kalonda played central defender position which will be suitable for yanga.

Marcelo Kalonda is a player of kabwe warrior and is a citizen of Democrat Republic of Congo. Yanga in order to get a sign of this player need to make a good offer so as to secure him and get much from this player.

Simba sc/ yanga transfer window rumors


Ranga Chivaviro

This player who play in one of the South Africa football team known as Marumo Gallants as a striker. So yanga and simba have shown interest in signing this player to play for their team. Since two team from the same country have shown such interest so they need to compete each other on how much they offers.

This player got a chance player against yanga, home and away were defeated by yanga by beaten 4 goals against 1 goal which was scored by this player Ranga Chivaviro. So there is possibility that this player will join yanga because of what this player shown on the pitch how the way yanga play.

Tetesi za usajili simba/yanga

Tuisila Kisinda

Yanga now has already completed it sign of Tuisila Kisinda who went to play in Morocco, but this player return and given a chance to play in team squad.

Tuisila Kisinda is a striker player and the citizen of Democrat Republic of Congo, since the deal is done from now on this player will remain in yanga until the end of the contract that made with yanga.

Stephane Aziz Ki

Yanga football club have completed a deal of signing Burkina faso midfielder who was played in ivory coast team known as ASEC Mimosas club. This was a great deal that yanga did to sign this player.

Stephane Aziz Ki, with the age of 26 has signed to play with yanga team and will be in team squad for two season untill it contract that was agreed to end but also have a chance to renew it contract if what to remain in team

So far Stephane Aziz Ki since yanga team signed him has bring a lot of change in team squad by creating a good chemistry among team player during the match on the pitch.

Joyce Lomalisa Mutambala

This player has done a lot and achieve the great things in his career of football, Lomalisa Mutambala is a citizen of congo in his career in national team bring a lot of effort and energy as defender to defend his team against it rival.

During his career in national team helped his national team to reach quarter final in AFCON (2017) but also apart from that he has helped his team to win CHAN in 2016 and he became the best player in 2016.

These are the reasons that why yanga wanted to sign this player because they expected alot from what he has done with his national team.

About Young African Club – Usajili yanga dirisha dogo

Tetesi za usajili yanga 2023/2024: yanga transfer rumors. The club was ranked among the top twenty clubs in Africa, at number 19, by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) in their May 1, 2022 – April 30, 2023 rankings. Globally, the club was ranked at number 104 in the IFFHS World Ranking.

The club became a symbol of the anti-colonial movement. Young Africans became associated with nationalists and freedom fighters, and inspired the political party TANU to adopt yellow and green as their primary colours. The club is currently in a process that will keep the club ownership 49% for investors and the rest 51% to the club members.