Tetesi za usajili simba 2023/2024: transfer rumors

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Tetesi za usajili simba 2023/2024: Simba sc transfer window rumors, usajili simba dirisha dogo and mwanaspoti tetesi za usajili simba. It has been so long for simba fc fans for not being in a good moment of enjoyment for the consecutive of two years by not winning the league title.

Many fans of simba sc in every season they expected great things in their team by trusting the team management and all the team players to bring them a lot of happiness on their face to show that simba is the best than any team in Tanzania.


Tetesi za usajili simba 2023/2024: Simba sc transfer rumors
Tetesi za usajili simba 2023/2024


So in every season each team here in Tanzania have a chance to make sure that in every season they remain unbeatable and undefeated in league tabke by remain number one position. As a result that through tetesi za usajili simba team can register new players.

In each season of football here in Tanzania there are two terms of transfer window that a team can make a transfer of players, so through tetesi za usajili simba dirisha dogo it give a team of simba sc to register and do some transferring of players to make itself better and competent.

As a fan of simba football club of Tanzania, and you need to know about your team for this upcoming seasons of 2023/2024 on transfer rumors about who is coming and whonis going then you’re at the right place, so through article you will find out mwanaspoti tetesi za usajili simba.

In this season which have been ended so far simba in nbc league title table has standing well by finishing up in second whereby it revival yanga

Tetesi za usajili simba

Simba FC is one of the most popular clubs in Tanzania. It has won the East African Club Championship twice, and has also won the East and Central African Senior Challenge Cup twice. Simba FC has been the most successful Tanzanian football club since its foundation in 1957. The club was founded as a youth academy for students from Dar es Salaam Technical Institute (DTI), but later became an independent club.

The team’s name comes from a popular song that was played in nightclubs at the time; “Simba ya Simba” (“Lion, O Lion”) by Mwinyi Mkuu wa Vipi.

Simba’s 2023-2024 Signed Players: All You Need to Know!

Hey there, folks! It’s time to get excited because Simba has been busy making some major moves for the upcoming season! They’ve got some fresh talent on board, and I’m here to spill the beans on all the juicy details. So, buckle up and let’s dive right into the world of Simba’s new signings.

1. Jefferson Luis: The Goal Machine

First up, we have the goal-scoring wizard himself, Jefferson Luis! This striker is known for his lightning-fast footwork and deadly accurate shots. He’s got a knack for finding the back of the net, and Simba fans are thrilled to have him on their side. With Luis leading the attack, you can expect some serious fireworks on the pitch!

2. Luis Micquisson: Midfield Maestro

In the heart of the midfield, we’ve got the talented Luis Micquisson. This guy is a true playmaker, with an eye for the perfect pass and the ability to control the game like a master conductor. His presence in the center of the field will undoubtedly elevate Simba’s gameplay and create scoring opportunities galore.

3. Hussein Kazi: Defensive Rock

Defense wins championships, they say, and Hussein Kazi is here to make sure Simba’s defense is as solid as a rock! This seasoned defender has an impeccable sense of timing and a commanding presence on the pitch. He’s the type of player who can shut down even the most potent attacking threats and frustrate the opposition.

4. Abdallah Khamis: The Versatile Talent

Abdallah Khamis brings versatility to the table like no other. This multi-talented player can operate in various positions, making him a valuable asset for the team. Whether it’s in defense, midfield, or even as a forward, Khamis can adapt and excel, making him a manager’s dream come true.

5. Chilunda: The Young Sensation

It’s not just experienced players that Simba has signed – they’ve also got their eyes on the future. Enter Chilunda, the young sensation who has been making waves in the youth leagues. With blistering pace and a natural goal-scoring instinct, Chilunda is destined for greatness. Watch out, world – this kid is one to keep an eye on!

6. Fabrice Ngoma: The Maestro of the Wing

When it comes to creating opportunities from the wings, Fabrice Ngoma is the man for the job. This winger has flair, skill, and a bag full of tricks that will leave defenders scratching their heads. His crosses are on point, and his dribbling is a joy to watch. Ngoma is all set to give Simba’s attack an extra dimension.

A Winning Squad in the Making

With these fantastic signings, Simba is assembling a winning squad that’s bound to take the football world by storm. Each player brings a unique set of skills and talents, and together, they form a force to be reckoned with. The fans are buzzing with excitement, and the anticipation for the new season is at an all-time high.

Mwanaspoti tetesi za usajili simba

Here are the names of player that will be joining simba sc soon after the deal is settled by the two team through an agreement that will come in the end

Leandre Willy Onana

This is a player from Rwanda who playing at Rayon sports, this is a midfielder that simba sc is currently looking to signing Leandre to join the team this season, they beleive that having Leandre Willy Onana in the team will be a great chance for the team again to regain it momentum and won the title race again for another time in this season

Leandre Willy Onana is the most dangerous midfielder so far in Rayon sports club by done wanders and amazing things in this season of 2022/2023 by scoring 15 goals and 10 assist so far. This player is young about 23 age so it will be suitable for simba to have Leandre.


Simba transfer window rumors


Marcel kalonda

This is another player that who have been needed by many teams in Tanzania that each team who need to have this player have to make a good deal so as to be able to secure this star player who played kabwe warriors of zambia.

Marcel kalonda is the central defender of kabwe warriors in this season of 2022/2023 did the best in the team by playing well with good training from the coach and very well tactis that Marcel have.

Currently team that need this player in Tanzania such as simba, yanga and singida united. So in order to have this player need make a good deal which offering profitable between team.



Yiech Gatoch Panom

Simba sc has made an offer to secure this player Yiech from Ethiopia who played George club. Simba is looking to sign this player who played a role of CDM. This will be a good chance and best opportunity for simba now to make it defend and midfield area strong and stable if they will manage to sign Yiech Gatoch Panom to play in this season

So far Yiech Gatoch Panom is the best defender who is capable of playing well and also can do wanders by having well mindful skills and tactics.



Ranga Chivaviro

This is the most dangerous attacker of Marumo Gallants, Ranga Chivaviro is the best striker that who play for marumo gallants, this play now has entering in market weherby many teams in Africa have made different offers to sign this player. But yet no team that have already to manage to have Ranga.

So the best team that will come up with best offer to sign for this player, then it will be able to get chance to have Ranga.

In Tanzania there are only two teams that who have com up with offers to secure for this player for this new season which will begin in August, those teams are simba and yanga



Edmund John

Currently simba now is in negotiation with Geita Gold club to sign it winger know as Edmund John who is now needed by simba this is due to the demand of coacher who show interest in this player and want this player to be in kikosi for this upcoming season which will begin August.

So this player is very important becasue Edmund John have more ability that can player both side winger right or left but also capable to play as a striker.


Tetesi za usajili simba sc


Usajili simba dirisha dogo

In this season of simba transfer window rumors, fans will expect great things from these players who will join the team if the will manage to close the deal by providing good offers.

So far this season simba football club has made a lot of money to make this transfer more than anything. They made and have a budget of more than 500,000,000/= tsh to sign for new players.