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How to register in SimBanking or the way to kujisajili to use this service from CRDB Bank. So as a user of CRDB Bank services and products there are many benefits you can get from this bank as a subscriber. This service try to make things simple and easy.

About CRDB Bank

CRDB Bank as all we know that this is the best bank here in Tanzania, in our country we have many banks which are best but some of them are more than the other in terms of services and products that they offers. This bank is doing great for consecutive of two year it has been the best performing bank in Tanzania.

This was due to services and products that this bank is provide to its customers. Also those who are CRDB Bank user they have enjoyed a lot of the services that this bank offers. This bank is the best here in Tanzania because it have many or a lot of users compared to NMB Bank. The best things about this bank is that the government put a lot of support to this bank that is a reason for doing better than the other banks here in Tanzania.


Each bank here in Tanzania, they try their best to ensure that they get closer to their customers. They do this in order to make their customers comfortable and also to be free to do their transactions anywhere and anytime without any obstacles. As we can see that even NMB Bank have this service but they give it a different name so they called it NMB Mkononi.

How to use this service

This service is available only for those who are using CRDB Bank. In order to use this service or any products from this bank you need to activate or to subscribe to any CRDB Bank services and products. So if you want to use this service from CRDB Bank you need to activate it and the only way you can activate it is through dial *150*03# or you can visit any branch near to get this service – SimBanking.

How to recover or change your SimBanking pin

If you use this service and in case you may forget your pin or password and / or you want to change your pin code. The best way you can do this is through dial *150*03# or you can visit physical any CRDB bank branch near you that it will be easy for you to do it.

What you can do

Through SimBanking from CRDB Bank you can do a lot of things, this is because if you use this service there will be no need for you to worry anymore because you can do all things at once and at the same time anywhere. The following are the features of this service as follows;

Intra-Bank funds transfer to any bank account within CRDB Bank network

If you use this service you can send or transfer money / funds within CRDB Bank account from one account to another so as to avoid wasting of time. This service is good as long you get a lot of benefits from it.

Funds transfer to mobile money

Also you can send or transfer funds from your CRDB Bank account to your mobile money banking as long if you have registered to any mobile money services such as mpesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money or halopesa and etc.


Through SimBanking you can make payment for different bills, that you want to pay if you have not yet pay. So services such as brela, TPA, TRA and so on. So all those bills you can pay through this service and with discount.

Airtime purchase for yourself and others

Also you can purchase your airtime through this service not only your airtime but also you can purchase for others. So this service is good because it make life simple for you as a user to use it to complete all you want to do.

Ability to send money to people with no bank accounts or ATM card

SimBanking you can send money to people with no bank accounts or ATM card. This is the best of this service because if you want to send money to someone who do not have bank account but if that person have registered to any mobile money can receive it.

Access to salary advance

This service it give you a chance to be able to access your salary advance through it. This is the best way for you as a user to ensure that you access the salary easily and fast.

Balance and mini statement inquiry

SimBanking you can access your bank balance and also be able to view the mini statement about the details of all your transactions that you have made or done which you can get all the records of your account.

Alerts (notifications of TemboCard/Visa/MasterCard Usage

If you use this there will be no need to worry anymore because this service provide you with notification it will alert you when you use it for any activities that you will do. So this service is give you notification if you make transfer, or if you use your TemboCard or master card details. It will alert you

Bilingual, allowing you the choice of Kiswahili or English

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If you use this service and you want to be comfortable with it, they have provide an option for you to change what type or kind of language that you will use that will make you free and comfortable when you use it.

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