Salary Slip Portal Tanzania: full guide How to download your hati ya mshahara

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Salary Slip Portal

This is an official Website or portal that the government employees use to check their salary and all other information that can be found on their salary slip about everything that a particular employee required to have or receive.

This portal as I said before it is only for government employees not for all employees so those who are working in private sectors all information about their salaries they receive from the bank that a particular employee used it to receive his or her salary.

So through this portal that the government employees can be able to see or view his or her salary details for each month and year, but this service it new because before government employees used to receive their salary slip physical. So portal came active in 2016. So all the records from that year or within that year can be accessed but before that cannot be accessed.

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What government employee can view from this portal on his or her salary slip

  • Monthly
  • Year

In order to be able to use this portal as a government employee there are some procedures or processes that you will need to follow or observe so as to be successful during the process.

  • First of all before opening or registering in salary slip portal you need to have an email that will give you access to do registration.
  • You need to have password that you will remember it
  • A phone number that belong to you and not someone else and it must be registered in your name through NIDA number
  • Make sure that you have all required documents that you need to upload

Before go directly to the salary slip portal you need to have an email, so the following are steps how to create an email as follows;

You can choose either gmail or yahoo but better to use Gmail

  • Go to gmail search it on google or bing, yahoo etc
  • Click create account
  • Enter your name, gender, and phone number
  • After that choose the way that your email you want to appear
  • Click create account, now you have create an email

You can create your Gmail account here

So after create an account with Google (Gmail account) now you can start to register for salary slip porta by following and fill or the required information and provide all the relevant documents needed.

The following are steps to follow when registering for salary slip portal as follows;

  • Provide your check number (this number is given only for those who are working in government)
  • Your first name, middle name and last name
  • Your birth date
  • Your vote code, and sub vote code
  • Your bank account number that you used to receive your salary, here for my advise it better to have NMB Bank this will be suitable for government.
  • Your salary scale, salary grade and salary step
  • Create password that you will remember
  • Click create account

You can register here

After create an account through salary slip porta now you can login to your account and be able now to access your salary slip and even you can download them in pdf form. So now all you need to do is to visit salary slip porta and just login

  • Enter your check number or username
  • Your Password that you used to create account