RITA Uhakiki online system (Best ways to do RITA Uhakiki online application) 2023

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RITA Uhakiki online system (Best ways to do RITA Uhakiki online application)

RITA Uhakiki online system (Best ways to do RITA Uhakiki online application), the government of Tanzania through it board of registering and certificate verification that have authority to do that RITA. Through RITA people can be able to do verification of two certificate which are birth and death certificate. So through RITA Uhakiki vyeti people can verify their certificate online through Rita E-huduma.

Previous years it was so hard for people to verify their certificate because those days there were no Internet for people to be able to do online because at that time this system was not yet developed and not even existed in those days, so shortly we can say that it was complicated and awful.

Actually, now day things are simple and easy to do because internet make things better and faster this due to the development of Science and Technology in this world and now everything is possible under the sun. So due to existence of Internet now people can verify their certificates online from home by using their phones, tablet, laptop or computer anything that can access Internet.

The aim for this to have RITA Uhakiki online application/system, that for those who are seeking for government funds. As we know that in every year of budget here in Tanzania the government provide some amount of money in order to finance students in their studies for those who are taking further education in college and university that pursuing degree, masters or PhD.

So through RITA Uhakiki online system, students can verify their certificates, and the certificate that RITA need to verify is birth certificate only. Because when you open SIPA – Student’s Individual Permanent Account through Higher Education Students’ Loans Board (HESLB) website. So you will need to enter RITA verification number of your certificate in order to move or go on with HESLB loan application.

RITA Uhakiki online system, it is not only for student but also other people can use it in case if you lost any of certificate either birth or death, so through RITA cheti cha kuzaliwa na kifo you can get a chance to get a new or to get verification for death certificate.

So RITA Uhakiki online system through RITA E-huduma help people a lot to avoid any kind of misunderstanding or disturbance and it save and avoid confusion, conflict in family matters.

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Historical Background

RITA was officially launched on the 23rd June 2006 and replaces what was known as the Administrator Generals Department in the Attorney Generals Chambers, Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs. It is an Executive Agency under the Attorney Generals Chambers in the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

The history of RITA dates back in 1917 when the German Colonial power enacted a law for registration of births and deaths (Proclamation No.15 of 1917 (Civil Area). When the British took over the administration of Tanganyika (Tanzania Mainland) from the Germans retained the Register of births and deaths established under the Germans law by saving it under the Births and Deaths Registration Ordinance, 1920 (Cap.108). It should be noted that under both colonial powers registration of births and deaths was not compulsory for Africans.

Between 1920 and 1960 the British colonial power came with more laws on key life events and other matters. These laws were either wholly or partly administered by the office of the Administrator General/Registrar General. These laws are:-

For more details about RITA please visit website page

Requirements for RITA Uhakiki online system

In order to do Uhakiki RITA vyeti, there are things you need to consider before start to do or open account for verification of birth or death certificate. These are things that you need to make sure that you have them so as to make the process simple and easy for you with no any obstacles.

The following are things you need to have when you plan to do RITA Uhakiki online application as follows;

  • Application fee which is 3,000/= Tanzania shillings
  • Death certificate
  • Birth certificate

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How to create RITA Uhakiki online system account

In order to register or create RITA Uhakiki online application account, that make sure you have all the requirements documents that are mentioned above in order to be successful in all the process or procedures that you will do when you open this account and be able to visit your Uhakiki RITA login.

The following are the necessary steps you need to follow and observe when you create or register RITA Uhakiki online system account as follows;

  • Visit RITA website or page you can on them
  • Click create account
  • Then fill all the required information make sure you use the name that is written in your certificate
  • After fill all the information then click create, after that login to your email if you use yahoo or gmail to activate RITA Uhakiki account
  • Then go back to your RITA Uhakiki account, well done account created or registered then continue with other procedures to fill your particulars

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How to submit your birth and death certificate RITA Uhakiki online system

If you need to submit your birth and death certificate you need to have an account with RITA Uhakiki through E-huduma, in order for all things to go smoothly and neat you need to ensure that everything is prepared well.

The following are procedures you need to observe or follow when you need to submit your certificates as follows;

  • Login to your account
  • Go to navigation, the click certificate verification
  • Submit your certificates, make sure that are in pdf form
  • Make a payment of 3,000/= Tanzania shillings
  • Then submit the application and wait for feedback it can take like one week or less
  • After verification your answer or response will be in your RITA uhakiki account that you created and not in your email

Useful Links

RITA Contacts


Physical Address:
RITA Tower, 4 Simu Street 

Postal Address
P.O Box 9183, 
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Fax:           +255 (22) 2924182
Telephone: +255 (22) 2924180/181
E-mail:       ceo@rita.go.tzinfo@rita.go.tz

RITA Uhakiki online system
RITA Uhakiki online system