Reasons Zack and Cody fans celebrate November 16

Zack and Cody fans are celebrating November 16 as a fateful episode of the show finally transpires.

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody is a show that many people grew up with and serves as a wave of nostalgia each time fans are reminded of it.

The show has returned to the limelight on TikTok, as Noah explained why everyone was freaking out about it.

In an episode of Suite Life on Deck, which aired over a decade ago, Zack and Cody attempt to get a reservation at the ship’s restaurant.

The waitress informs them that they can indeed get a reservation, but that it won’t be until November 16, 2023. This date, a mere few days away, has got everyone excited.

Zack and Cody fans are excited about November 16.

It’s safe to say that the TikTok video, which has gained over 1 million views, has seen everyone eagerly anticipating the date.

One commented, “I can’t believe the wait is almost over,” while another said, “3 days before my birthday. I’ve been waiting for this moment to happen.”

Many were eager to see Cole and Dylan Sprouse reprise their roles, stating, “Please! I would honestly love to see them reprise their roles as adults and see what Zach and Cody are like as adults.”

One commenter claimed that a new series of the show was in the works, saying, “They’re making a revamped version because I auditioned for it but never got a call back.”