Ratiba Mapinduzi Cup 2024 Fixture Results Tazama Hapa

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Ratiba Mapinduzi Cup 2023
Mapinduzi Cup

Ratiba Mapinduzi Cup

Ratiba Mapinduzi Cup, the Committee of the Revolution Cup through its chairman Khamis Abdalla Said, has today made clear the full schedule of the championship which is expected to start on January 01, 2023. In the championship, the 12 teams that will compete are arranged in four groups of three teams each group which will give one winner to the semi-final stage. Ratiba Mapinduzi Cup 2023 Fixture Tazama Hapa.

In Zanzibar, the Mapinduzi Cup is the premier knockout soccer competition. In honor of the Zanzibar Revolution, the name Mapinduzi means revolution.The Zanzibar Football Federation established the Mapinduzi Cup as a competition to honor the nation of Zanzibar’s annual Revolution Day celebration on January 12.The cup’s inaugural year was 1998. The cup, however, is contested by clubs from mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar. Clubs from Kenya and Uganda have been invited to participate on occasion starting in 2013.

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The three competitions are Zanzibar’s three primary knockout tournaments, together with the Zanzibari Cup and Nyerere Cup. Jamhuri F.C. took first place in the inaugural contest.

Tazama Groups and Teams

Here now you can view out the team that will on each group stage so as to find the win on a particular group who will play with another team from another group so as to move on. Ratiba Mapinduzi Cup

Ratiba Mapinduzi Cup
Mapinduzi Cup

Your categories are as follows:-

Group A:
  • Azam,
  • Malindi and
  • Jamhuri.
Group B:
  • Yanga,
  • Singida BS and
  • KMKM.
Group C:
  • Simba,
  • Mlandege and
  • KVZ.
Group D:
  • Namungo,
  • Aigle Noir and
  • Chipkizi.

The first semi-final will be played on January 8 and it will be – Leader of Group A against Leader of Group B.

The second semi-final will be played on January 9 and it will be – Kinara Group C vs. Kinara Group D.

Check out the results

As the way all the team play against each other in the group so as to get the win in a particular group. So far we have seen how much the way the competition is tough that even the small team play hard so as to secure a point to put themselves in a good position.

  • Azam vs Malindi – the match end up 1:1 so after penalties Azam fc manage to win by 4:3
  • Malindi vs Jamhuri – the match end up by 2:1 so the malindi defeat Jamhuri