Qualifications for Admission into Uongozi Institute

Qualifications for Admission into Uongozi Institute

Uongozi Institute is a college dedicated to providing continuous training for leaders with the main goal of inspiring and enhancing leadership. It was founded in 2010 by the Tanzanian government and aims to prepare Tanzanian and African leaders to offer inclusive and sustainable solutions for their nations and Africa as a whole. The institute takes a comprehensive approach to capacity building, understanding that leadership abilities are developed through a continuous, lifelong learning process. Their strategic pillars of leadership and sustainable development are pursued through executive education, policy debates, action-oriented research, and technical assistance.

For those interested in increasing their skill set through the Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership offered by Uongozi Institute, here are the admission criteria and requirements:

Admission Criteria for Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership:

  1. Leadership Experience: Applicants should have at least five years of leadership experience to be eligible for the programme.
  2. Bachelor’s Degree: A bachelor’s degree is required for admission into the Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership.
  3. Language Proficiency: Applicants should have an advanced command of written and spoken English, as the programme is conducted in English.
  4. Computer Skills: Excellent computer skills are expected from the applicants.
  5. Academic Writing Skills: Proficiency in writing academic papers is essential for successful completion of the programme.

Application Requirements:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (CV): Applicants should submit a CV not exceeding two pages.
  2. Application Letter: A one-page application letter expressing the candidate’s interest in the programme.
  3. Essay: An essay of 450 to 500 words explaining the candidate’s leadership successes, challenges, and motivation for applying to the programme.
  4. Reference Letter: A reference letter indicating sponsorship commitment signed by the candidate and the sponsor.
  5. Certified Copies of Academic Certificates: Applicants should provide certified copies of their original academic certificates. UONGOZI Institute reserves the right to verify certificates with the issuing institution.
  6. Employer Commitment Letter: A letter from the employer confirming the applicant’s complete participation in the program.

For more clarification or to reach out to Uongozi Institute, you can use the contact information provided below:

Ms. Maria Kinyonge Programme Coordinator Email: mkinyonge@uongozi.or.tz Phone: +255 754 619 112

By meeting these criteria and providing the necessary documents, aspiring leaders can apply for the Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership at Uongozi Institute and enhance their leadership potential and capabilities for a successful career in the business world.

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