Part time Jobs in Kenya, 10 list best for students

Part time Jobs in Kenya, 10 list best for students through this article or post you will find out the best part time jobs that you can do in Kenya and you can earn or generate amount of money from them for living. If you don’t know how to make money online so through this post you can learn how to earn money through part time jobs.

Part time Jobs in Kenya

There are many ways that you can use to make or get money online while sitting at home watching TV. All you need to do in order to earn or get this money online you need to follow all the given instructions before take the particular work and also you need to know what type of work that you need to do, that you think your capable.

Many people in Kenya get or generate extra money from doing external work known as part time jobs that enable them to get more extra money for living. Sometimes salaries that people receive at the end of each month may not be enough for you.

Part time Jobs in Kenya, things to consider before taking a job

In order to take part in part time job you need to ask yourself which kind of job that you think will enable you to get more money that will help you for living. Also think that what kind of knowledge and skills is needed for that particular job that you want to do. Because some of the job you may do them online so it require you to have some computer skills.

Part time Jobs in Kenya, 10 list best for students

There are many jobs that you can as part time in Kenya, here below are some of them which might be useful or helpful for you as follows; Part time Jobs in Kenya

Affiliate Marketer

This can be a part time for you if you use your social media useful in a way that you can earn or generate money from them. Through affiliate marketing it is simple to earn extra money that will help you for living. This is because through affiliate marketing want you do is to create advertisement by publishing those advertising on your social media accounts if you have a lot or many followers. So this is simple and easy because it does not require you to have comprehensive skills. Part time Jobs in Kenya


This is another part time job that you can do in Kenya. Through blogging you can earn or get money by or through ads on your website. The best things that about blogging is through google ads that they vaĺue each piece of your content. Through CPC – cost per click or CMS. So many blogger get the money or earn money online and free bit it will required you to have skills about website and knowledge of creating content which is quality. For example Google adsense


Part time Jobs in Kenya, this is another way of getting money from doing part time jobs in Kenya. This is similarly to o blogging but the different here is that. In Vlogging here your dealing with videos especially through creating video content on YouTube or any otjer platform that will give you money when you share them to public and generate money. So here you will receive money when you receiving advertisements on your channel when people they watching or looking your videos. For example YouTube channel


As all we know that in order to be an entrepreneur you need to be ready for anything because an entrepreneur is a risk taker, so how will you generate or earn an extra income as an entrepreneur. In order to earn extra money as an entrepreneur you need to take risks on whatever you do but also make sure that whatever you do, you generate money. How can you generate money make sure that everything you do, do them systematic and also try to minimise losses that is how you can earn an extra money.

Forex trading

Now days many people they doing forex, they involve in online trading whereby they make an investment in different financial platforms. But the most famous online trading financial service is forex and bitcoin. Actually, through forex trading you can make a lot of money if you have a knowledge about it. And also the profit pr the return it depends with amount that you invested, if you have invest a lot of money the high the return you will get. Also on the other hand getting loss is easy and even may lead to loose a whole account.

Research Jobs

You can do online surveys also known as research jobs. There are platforms or Web that provide some surveys or questions that you need to answer in order to get money. So those questions that you will be asked usually are based on a particular topic or subjects and mostly of them focusing on current issues or matter that are happening in the world right now. So it better to keep yourself updated before start involve in those surveys. For example triaba

Tour jobs

Also you can take part by involving yourself in tour jobs. This is a part time job for you because tour jobs are seasonal jobs so they depend with the situation that current it is. Througj tour jobs you can earn or generate an extra money or income that will support for livin through guiding or dierecting tourist so as an assistant you provide full support. So get more money by taking part in tour jobs.

Creating website

Through website you easily generate an extra money that will help you a lot in your daily life. Website you can make a lot of money because it is simple you will use less energy all the work will be done by google. So if you will have a good number of traffic that visited your Website that is how will make money through your contents that you create or producein the Internet. So in order to create website you need to uave a domain and web hosting such as WordPress, Goddady, namecheap and etc.

Freelancing jobs

As a freelancer you can earn or generate an extra money while sitting at home watching TV as a part time job. There are various websites that give you a chance to a frrelance with minimum cost of registration. So as a freelancer you can involve in activities that depend on the profile that you create such skills, knowledge and expertise on that particular task. So task that you can do such as proofreading, copyright, typing or fill the form. For example fiverr or upwork.

Data entry jobs

Through data entry you can get money as extra for living. This is among part time jobs in Kenya that will enable you to get money if you are looking for an extra money. So through data entry such as filling form, typing, writing and etc.

Conclusion, these are fews part time jobs in Kenya that you can do. There are many like this but here we provide some of them. So through these you can now choose or decide which job you will take and start working as a part time job.