Orodha ya Shule Za Sekondari Mkoa Wa Kagera 2023

Orodha ya Shule Za Sekondari Mkoa Wa Kagera 2023 .

Kagera region is situated in the North West of Tanzania, with its Regional Headquarters located in the city of Bukoba, approximately 1500 kilometers from Dar es Salaam. The region shares borders with Uganda to the North, Rwanda and Burundi to the West, and Geita and Kigoma Regions to the South. Additionally, Lake Victoria borders the region to the East, with Geita, Mwanza, and Mara Regions within the lake’s vicinity.

Kagera Region encompasses a total area of 35,686 square kilometers, comprising 73 percent land area (25,513 square kilometers) and 27 percent water area (10,173 square kilometers). The region features various islands in Lake Victoria, including Bumbare, Iroba, Kelebe, Goziba, Ikuuza, and Mhutwe, with some inhabited by people and others uninhabited.

The topography of Kagera Region is mainly mountainous, with valleys and rivers intersecting the landscape. In the western part of the region, numerous rivers flow into the Kagera River, which eventually drains into Lake Victoria.

Here is the list of secondary schools in Kagera Region:

  1. Karagwe Secondary School (Private) – Karagwe
  2. Kaizirege Secondary School (Private) – Bukoba Mjini
  3. Hekima Girls Secondary School (Private) – Bukoba Mjini
  4. Josiah Girls Secondary School (Private) – Bukoba Mjini
  5. Steven Secondary School (Private) – Bukoba Mjini
  6. St Joseph Mbuba Secondary School (Private) – Ngara
  7. Bukoba Hope Lutheran Secondary School (Private) – Bukoba Vijijini
  8. Kanyigo Secondary School (Private) – Bukoba Mjini
  9. Muleba Secondary School (Private) – Muleba
  10. Nshambya Secondary School (Public) – Bukoba Mjini
  11. Bukoba Secondary School (Public) – Bukoba Mjini

If you are currently looking for a secondary school to study in Kagera, this list provides a starting point for your research.

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