Online Jobs for students in Kenya, 10 List of best Jobs

online Jobs for students in Kenya, 10 List of best Jobs, are you a student either college or university in Kenya you look for an extra money so as to make things easy and simple in your study. Here your at the right place in this post you will find best jobs for students in Kenya like you to get or find out how you can earn extra money.

In every year of academic in Kenya, the high board of education through the government of Kenya. They provide financial support to students who are taking further education in colleges and universities by financing them with some amount of money to support them during their studies.

Jobs for Students in Kenya

HELB – Higher Education Loan Board of kenya, through it website allowing students to register themselves so as to proceed with loan application. Actually there are many procedures or processes to follow in order to be successful and get this loan from government.

If you receive money from HELB or if you will get that chance is not bad but sometimes that money you get may not be enough for you to fulfill all your needs. So through this post you can find out what job as a student you think you can do that can help you to get an extra money a part from HELB.

There are many online jobs for students in Kenya, that will help students to earn or to make an extra money a part from HELB if your beneficiary. So here we provide the list of various jobs opportunities that students in Kenya can do and get money that can help them or support them in their daily life.

Online Jobs for students in Kenya, 10 List of best Jobs

Writing Jobs

If you think that your good at writing, so this is an opportunity to get or earning an extra money. Through writing jobs you can generate a huge amount of money if you take it serious and you consider time management. Writing jobs you can find yourself involving in writing different types of work that it will give you a chance to explore a lot of things. Some of this work it can be either part time or full time it depends the way you involve yourself.

Online paid opinion

As a student in Kenya you can make or earn an extra money from online paid surveys or opinions. In Kenya there are platforms that may allow you to generate money online through giving or providing an opinions that which may be helpful for a particular topic, subject or action. Actually many new companies use this method as an opportunity for them tosee the way how people think about them. But at the end after giving an opinion they offering you a reward it can be in form of voucher or cash. For example through Geopoll


This is another way to earn an extra money if you seek for an external support or assistant. Through proofreading you can make a lot of money because this is easiest way that you can get money easily compare to any method that you know. This is because through proofreading all you do is to cross check any problem that you find it can be grammar errors or omissions of some information and so on. So you only do correction on them or adding some information so it is simple than any other methods. Jobs for students in Kenya

Play online games

If you love to play games on any device like Smartphone, PC, Laptop or using PlayStation and etc. This is an opportunity to generate or make and earning money online through playing games online. Now days through play games online you can make money that can help you to survive. Many generate money only by involving themselves in online competition where by they play against each other at the end if you win you get your reward. So if you think that your good and professional on gaming use this chance to make money that can help you for living.

Online Surveys

If you think where you can get àn extra money as a student, take time to involve yourself in online Surveys. Through online surveys it pay a lot to those who take surveys even though they pay a little but remember that ‘little by little fill the pit’. So ther are many companies that provide online surveys mostly of these companies provide chances to students to take part in their companies to provide some advice or oponion about their companies and what they can do to improve. For example Metroopinion, triaba

Online challenges

Online challenges, of course there are many challenges you can do online that you can generate or earn money from those challenges if you take them serious and positive. Those challenges do not offer a lot of money on them but you as a student you can learnnmany things from them apart from earning money. Those are specifically for students, and the aims of these challenges is to test the IQ of students if he or she is good, accurate and intelligent. So it is better to take part on those challenges. For example online quiz, puzzle solving and etc.

Sport betting

As a student this is another jobs for students in Kenya, that the easiest and simple way to get money fast is through betting. Even though this is the best way to make money but many people lose a lot of money for betting because this it need you to be lucky. Through betting you can make money a lot because you bet with small amount and you get or receive twice or quarter of the amount that you use to place a bet. So this actually it is profitable but winning is another issue. For example sportpesa betting, Mbet betting and etc.

Watching online videos

Watching online videos you can get money on them. Some of surveys provide or give some videos that you can watch and get money, so those videos are short and also the amount that paying after watching them also is little but if your passionate you can get more money from them. As long you keep watching you can get some video that may paying you twice than the previous one. But it will cost you to have bundles to watch them to get money consistently.

Virtual Assistant

Through virtual assistant, as a student of Kenya you can also get money on it. Now days virtual assistant are very important and they are needed. Virtual assistant you can make a lot of money when you provide assistant or help by answering questions that people asked to a particular company or anything. This is good for students in Kenya because it give you a chance to meet different people and provide assistance which is more important that help them to get want they are looking for.


Through drawing as a student in Kenya this can be an opportunity to make an extra money that can help you for living. If you think that your good on drawing pictures use it to make money, those pictures that you draw you can sell them and get money. Through drawing pictures sometimes those pictures that you draw may carry some messages that someone can use that picture to refer a particular situation that he or she passed through. So the art of drawing its means a lot. So you can advertise your activities or you can take part in exhibition to show or express your work and get money.

Conclusion, that those are some of the jobs for students in Kenya that can do in order to earn an extra money which may help him or her for living a part for depending on HELB or their families. That is how can make money online as a student in Kenya.

10 List of best online Jobs for students in Kenya