NMB Mkononi: Step-by-step how to register | Kujisajili

How to register to NMB Mkononi or namna ya kujisajili, on this article you will find out the best ways on how you can register or to kujisajili to use this service as among of the NMB Bank services that they offering to its customers to make things or life easy and simple as a user of NMB products and services.

NMB Mkononi

This service is provided by NMB Bank as all we know that each bank have different services that they provided to their customers. And the main aim of Bank to provide all these kinds of services to their customers is to increase the number of customers and also to ensure that they benefit on the services that they offered.

NMB Mkononi, if you use NMB Bank services and products that they provide or offering to their customers this will not be something new to you. Previous this service was known as NMB Mobile and Clik so they changed the name to create more ways on how to attract customers to this service that they offer.

Many people have benefited a lot from this service, especially those who are NMB Bank users. This service make life simple and easy because there is no need for you to complicate things anymore because everything you want to do is on your hands that why they called it NMB Bank Mkononi.

How to activate it – NMB Mkononi

The only way that you can use and activate this service is through the use of USSD Code, this is done by dial *150*66# on your mobile phone. And also if you need to register for it you can visit any nmb bank branch or main – headquarter to get this service.

What you need to do if you forget or need to change password

In case if you may forget your password or you want to change your password there are two ways you can do this and all those steps are simple. So the best way for you to change the password you can do it by dial *150*66# or you cannvisit nmb bank branch near you to change your password or pin code.


Display account balances and details

If you use nmb mkononi and you have nmb bank account, it will be easy for you to access all your bank details anywhere because there will be no need for you to move or go around to find nmb bank branch or ATM for you to check your bank account details but through this service everything can be done while at home.

Send money to other bank

Through this service you can send money from your account to another bank account. This is simple because there is no need for you to go to the bank or find nmb bank branch to send money. You will do it at home yourself and there is no need for to worry anything about the security. So this service is secured.

Complete online funds transfer and external transfer

Through NMB Mkononi you can do or complete everything that you need to do. If you want to make any transactions online or to fund online so through this service from nmb bank you can do it with no worry as I said before using this service is safe.

Withdraw cash anytime anywhere

If you want to withdraw money you can do it easily way if you use this service from nmb bank. It will easy and simple because through this service there will be no need for you to worry because you can do anything anytime and anywhere you can withdraw.

Paying different bills

This service from nmb bank, it will give you a chance or opportunity to make any payments for bills that you need to pay. This service will allow you to make different payments that you need to pay for any service or things that you want to pay.

Get forex information and transfer

The best thing about this service from nmb bank, through this NMB Mkononi if your doing trading – forex trading as many people now days doing this since it is profitable and easy way for you to make money. So using this service give you a chance to be able to get all the information about forex and any transfer that you made by using this service. So this service is good and provide knowledge.

Provide ability to withdraw without ATM Card

This service give you a chance to withdraw money without ATM Card this is because through your mobile phone, you can withdraw money from your bank account to your mobile phone as long you registered to this service. So through your mobile phone with the number that you registered for this service which it connected to mpesa, tigo pesa, t-pesa or halopesa.

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Send or receive secure message checking

So before sending or receiving money first you will get a secured message that will support you or it will need you to accept to ensure that the money you receive or send is safe or from where it come is safe. So as to ensure that this service is secure.

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