NEMA Recruitment Portal 2023/2024: NEMA application form portal

NEMA Recruitment portal 2023/2024, now it is available for candidates or applicants to apply for NEMA recruitment application form portal 2023, which is now you can do it yourself while at home for nema recruitment.

Currently, the system is online and available for NEMA recruitment form for those who needs to apply for NEMA jobs via their online recruitment portal. So the candidates or applicants now can be able to register in NEMA recruitment portal.

For those who have already access and have an account with NEMA 2023/2024 registration portal by entering in their account through nema recruitment portal login.

If you want to apply for NEMA portal jobs then it is very simple to understand and know what exactly needed to know which job category that you’re looking for and if you have qualification that match with job description.


NEMA Recruitment Portal 2023/2024: NEMA application form portal
NEMA Recruitment Portal 2023/2024


So in this article for those who what to register in NEMA portal then here we have provide for them the best and proven steps that needed to take into consideration so as to make your application successful without facing any problems.

NEMA Recruitment portal

National Emergency Management Agency recruitment form 2023, now it is available and welcomed candidates or applicants to apply for the availbale positions or roles that are now currently opening through their website

For those who are interested in applying for jobs through NEMA recruitment which is an official portal to apply for the available position or roles as a job seeker and looking for jobs by the helping of government.

In order for you to apply for the available jobs through Nema portal you have to ensure that you read all the Nema guideline form to know and understand what are the requirements and qualifications they need.

What are the benefits to use NEMA recruitment

There are many benefits that you will get when you use NEMA recruitment which will be favorable for you as a job seeker

  • Training opportunities
  • Seminars opportunities
  • You will get support on role or position you applied
  • You will be provided skills and knowledge based on your professional
  • They will prepare you for working environment
  • They will give you tactics on how to achieve better in your career
  • They will find jobs for you
  • It is free service no charges

What are the requirements to apply for NEMA jobs

Nema portal have their own recruitment that they observed in which each candidates or applicants that who are applying for jobs via their recruitment portal need to have them and provide

  • Academic certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • National ID
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Passport size picture
  • Cover letter
  • Names of referees and their details
  • Physical address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Your full name

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What are the general requirements

Here are the general requirements for applicants or candidates to apply for the available jobs in NEMA recruitment portal

  • Must be a citizen of Nigeria by birth
  • Make sure have no criminal records
  • Make sure you have good communication skills
  • Have good manner and morals
  • Observe work ethics
  • Knowing your responsibility and duties
  • Understand your potential in organization or institutions
  • Adhere to code of conduct
  • Physically fit

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How to create account and apply jobs

These are specify and proven steps to apply for jobs and register in NEMA recruitment portal and being successful

  • Visit NEMA website through url
  • Go to homepage
  • Click on the right on navigation
  • Click on career section
  • View the available positions or vacancies
  • Choose the job of your preference and click apply
  • Entering all the neede information
  • Reviewing your application
  • Submit

About NEMA

The National Emergency Management Agency is an agency in Nigeria. The agency focuses on disaster management in all parts of the country. The agency was established in 1999, and functions to formulate policies relating to disaster management in Nigeria.

Director generals included:

  • Muhammad Sani-Sidi
  • Abbas Idriss

The agency coordinates with state-level emergency agencies called States’ Emergency Management Agencies, such as the Edo State Emergency Management Agency. These agencies were authorized by the NEMA act which created the national service. As of 2011, 26 of the 36 states of Nigeria had state level agencies.