Names Called To Interview At Parliament of Tanzania

Names Called To Interview At Parliament of Tanzania . Great news for all candidates who applied for various job vacancies announced by the Parliament of Tanzania! The Parliament has recently released a list of Names Called To Interview At Parliament of Tanzania (Walioitwa kwenye usaili Bungeni).


The Parliament of Tanzania, like its counterparts in other countries, serves as the country’s supreme legislative body. It consists of the President of the United Republic and the National Assembly. The Parliament plays a crucial role in granting funds for state administration and effectively supervising government programs and plans. Its oversight function ensures that the executive branch remains accountable for its management and actions.

One of the primary functions of Parliament is to enact laws, with specific subjects for legislation specified in the Constitution. As a federal parliament in a united republic, the Parliament of Tanzania exercises independent powers in both union and non-union affairs that do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Government of Zanzibar.

Names Called To Interview At Parliament of Tanzania

The Secretary of Parliament is pleased to inform all job seekers who applied for various positions that the interviews are scheduled to be conducted from 5th September 2022 to 13th September 2022. The final selection of candidates will be made based on the interview performance.

Interview Instructions:

Candidates called for the interview must adhere to the following instructions:

  1. The Qualifying Interview will take place on 5th September 2022, as indicated in the advertisement. The time and location for each Cadre will be specified.
  2. All interviewees must wear a mask when attending the interview.
  3. Each interviewee should bring a valid ID for identification purposes. Acceptable IDs include Resident ID, Voter ID, Work ID, National ID Passport, or driver’s license.
  4. Original certificates must be presented, starting with the certificate of birth, Form IV, VI, Diploma, Diploma, Diploma of Above, Degree, and continuing, depending on the applicant’s qualifications.
  5. Testimonials, provisional results, statement of results, Form IV, and Form VI result slips will not be accepted, and candidates presenting such documents will not be permitted to continue with the interview.
  6. Each interviewee is responsible for their own expenses, including food, travel, and accommodation.
  7. Applicants should verify that their certificates, especially those from institutions outside of Tanzania, have been reviewed and approved by the relevant authorities such as TCU (Tanzania Commission for Universities), NACTE (National Council for Technical Education), or NECTA (National Examinations Council of Tanzania).
  8. Candidates required to be registered with their Professional Boards must bring their Original Certificates of Registration and relevant licenses to work.
  9. All interviewees should log in to their accounts and copy the test number, as the numbers will not be released on the day of the interview.
  10. For candidates whose names did not appear in this advertisement, it means they do not meet the criteria for the current positions. However, they are encouraged to apply again when new job opportunities are announced and ensure compliance with the specific requirements of the relevant announcement.


The Parliament of Tanzania is a significant institution responsible for legislation, oversight, and governance in the country. The announcement of Names Called To Interview At Parliament of Tanzania is a crucial step in the recruitment process for various job vacancies. Aspiring candidates must carefully follow the interview instructions provided by the Secretary of Parliament to ensure a smooth and successful interview process.

We wish all the applicants the best of luck in their interviews and hope that they find success in their pursuit of a rewarding career at the Parliament of Tanzania. For the complete list of candidates shortlisted for the interview and more information regarding the interview schedule, please refer to the official announcement document provided in the link provided.

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