Names Called for Interview at Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS)

Names Called for Interview at Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) .The Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) plays a vital role as the national standards body, contributing to the development and enhancement of the supportive infrastructure for industry and commerce sectors in Tanzania. Established through Parliamentary Act No. 3 of 1975 as the National Standards Institute and later renamed as Tanzania Bureau of Standards under Act No. 1 of 1977, TBS has been actively operational since 16th April 1976. In 2009, it was further strengthened with the implementation of the Standards Act No. 2 of 2009, replacing the earlier Act.

Announcement of Interview

Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) is delighted to announce that candidates who applied for internships in various departments will be invited for a written interview. The interview is scheduled for 20th August 2022, Saturday, commencing at 2 o’clock in the morning. The venue for the interview will be the Dar es Salaam University Hall.

Guidelines for Interview

All candidates shortlisted for this interview are required to follow the guidelines provided below:

  1. Identification: Bring a photo ID as identification.
  2. Writing Materials: Ensure you have the necessary writing materials, including a charcoal pen (pencil), ink pen (blue or black), calculator, ruler, and original certificates (secondary, college, and birth/NIDA).
  3. Documentation: Testimonials, Provisional Results, Statement of Results, and Results Slips WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED during the interview process. Ensure you have your original certificates.
  4. Financial Responsibility: Candidates are responsible for covering all expenses related to meals, transport, lodging, and other social expenditures for the duration of the interview.
  5. International Education: For candidates who studied outside Tanzania, provide documentation proving that your certificates have been reviewed and recognized by TCU and/or NECTA.
  6. Eligibility: Candidates whose names do not appear in this advertising should understand that they do not meet the requirements for this specific opportunity.

How to Access the List of Shortlisted Candidates

To find out if you have been shortlisted for the interview at Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS), kindly refer to the embedded document below. This document contains the complete list of candidates whose names have been called for the interview:

Please make sure to thoroughly read and understand all the details provided in the document. If your name appears on the list, ensure you prepare well for the interview to maximize your chances of proceeding to the next stage.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations to all the candidates who have been shortlisted for the interview at Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS). This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your skills and passion for your chosen field. We wish you the best of luck for the interview, and we hope you make the most of this chance to advance your career.

For those whose names do not appear on the list, do not be disheartened. More opportunities may come your way, so continue to keep an eye out for future announcements. Stay motivated, keep improving your skills, and seize every opportunity that aligns with your aspirations.

Best wishes to all the candidates, and may you have a successful and fulfilling professional journey ahead!

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