Meet Ryan Seacrest’s Girlfriend: Aubrey Paige

In the whirlwind world of celebrity romances, the relationship between Ryan Seacrest and his girlfriend, Aubrey Paige, stands out for its blend of glamour and groundedness. Let’s delve deeper into who Aubrey Paige is and the essence of her relationship with the acclaimed TV host.

Who is Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend?

Aubrey Paige Petcosky, better known as Aubrey Paige, is not just the significant other of Ryan Seacrest but a vibrant personality in her own right. The couple’s relationship began in 2021 and has since evolved into a loving partnership, as witnessed by their public appearances and heartfelt social media exchanges.

What does Aubrey Paige do?

Aubrey’s professional life is as dynamic as her personal one. As a model represented by Genetics Model Management, she has graced various campaigns and photoshoots, bringing her unique charm to each project. Beyond her modeling career, Aubrey is pursuing her passion for screenwriting, reflecting her multifaceted creativity.

Aubrey Paige Siblings

Growing up in a large family, Aubrey is one of five siblings. Her Instagram posts reveal the close-knit nature of her family, showcasing her strong connections with her two sisters, Riley and Halley, and her brothers, Elliot and Ethan. This strong familial foundation is a testament to her grounded nature amidst the glitz of the entertainment world.

Where did Aubrey Paige and Ryan Seacrest meet?

The romance between Ryan Seacrest and Aubrey Paige blossomed in the scenic Hamptons, where they were first seen together in May 2021. This idyllic setting marked the beginning of a beautiful journey for the couple.

How Did Aubrey Paige and Ryan Seacrest’s Summer Dates Look?

Aubrey offered a rare glimpse into their personal lives with her Instagram post, detailing their summer filled with quaint street markets, scenic road trips, encounters with local artists, and cozy movie nights. This shared love for life’s simple pleasures painted a picture of a couple deeply in tune with each other’s interests.

How has Aubrey shown support for Ryan?

Aubrey’s support for Ryan extends beyond the usual partner duties. She was a constant presence during significant moments like the Oscars and Ryan’s tenure on ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan.’ Her Instagram posts are peppered with accolades and pride for Ryan’s achievements, underscoring the depth of their bond.

What Unique Talents Does Aubrey Possess?

Apart from her obvious prowess in modeling, Aubrey’s talents are manifold. She has a keen interest in fitness and health, regularly sharing her workout routines and healthy lifestyle choices on social media. Additionally, her ambition in screenwriting showcases a mind attuned to storytelling and creativity.

How does Aubrey view her relationship with Ryan?

Aubrey regards her relationship with Ryan as a journey of mutual growth and inspiration. She often speaks of Ryan in adoring terms, acknowledging the positive impact he has had on her life. Her excitement about their future together is palpable in her public statements and social media posts.

Where does Aubrey Paige live?

A native New Yorker, Aubrey moved to Austin, Texas, for education and later relocated to Los Angeles. Her journey reflects a blend of East Coast roots and West Coast aspirations, mirroring her adaptable and adventurous spirit.


Aubrey Paige is much more than Ryan’s girlfriend; she’s a model, an aspiring screenwriter, and a family-oriented individual. Her relationship with Seacrest is built on shared values, mutual support, and a deep understanding of each other’s worlds.

FAQs about Aubrey Paige

  1. How long have Ryan Seacrest and Aubrey Paige been dating? They have been dating since 2021.
  2. Did Aubrey Paige attend college? Yes, she studied fashion marketing at Austin Community College.
  3. What are Aubrey Paige’s hobbies? Her hobbies include fitness, fashion, travel, and screenwriting.
  4. How did Ryan and Aubrey meet? They met in the Hamptons during Memorial Day celebrations in 2021.
  5. Has Aubrey Paige worked on campaigns outside of modeling? Yes, her first significant modeling campaign was with Dick’s Sporting Goods.