Meet Kylian Mbappé’s Girlfriend: Stephanie Rose Bertram

Kylian Mbappé, the French soccer prodigy, is not just a headline-maker for his extraordinary skills on the field but also for his closely watched personal life. Recently, the spotlight has been on his romantic involvement with Stephanie Rose Bertram. This relationship has intrigued fans and media alike, blending the worlds of sports and fashion in a captivating romance story.

Who is Kylian Mbappé’s girlfriend?

Stephanie Rose Bertram, a Belgian model with a rich cultural heritage, has emerged as a significant figure in Mbappé’s life. Born in 1994 in Kortrijk, Belgium, to a diverse family of Scottish, Portuguese, Angolan, and Senegalese descent, Bertram’s modeling career began at the tender age of 13. Her career trajectory saw a significant boost at 16, culminating in a historic feature in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2015, marking her as the first Belgian model to achieve this feat.

How Did Mbappé and Bertram’s Romance Unfold?

The origins of Mbappé and Bertram’s relationship are shrouded in mystery and speculation. It was Bertram’s appearance in Qatar during the 2022 FIFA World Cup finals that set the rumor mills abuzz. Despite their preference for privacy, the couple’s subtle social media interactions and few public appearances have been the only glimpses into their otherwise private romance.

What Do We Know About Bertram’s Past Relationships and Motherhood?

Before her link-up with Mbappé, Bertram was in a long-term relationship with former PSG player Gregory van der Wiel. Their relationship, which began when Bertram was just 17, was a significant chapter in her life, resulting in the birth of their daughter in 2018. The couple’s split in 2022 added a layer of complexity to Bertram’s personal life narrative.

Exploring Mbappé’s Past Romantic Ventures

Mbappé’s love life has always been a subject of media fascination. His rumored liaisons range from Alicia Aylies, Miss France 2017, with whom he was linked during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, to French model and actress Emma Smet, whom he reportedly met at Neymar’s birthday party. His name has also been associated with Victoria’s Secret model Stella Maxwell and Australian TikTok star Georgia May Heath. However, his most publicized and controversial relationship was with Ines Rau, the first transgender playmate.

The Saga of Mbappé and Ines Rau

Mbappé’s relationship with Rau gained significant media traction due to Rau’s groundbreaking status as the first transgender Playmate. The couple’s public appearances, including at the Cannes Film Festival and on a yacht trip, were widely covered. However, this relationship eventually ended amid public scrutiny, with Mbappé unfollowing Rau on Instagram, signaling the end of their romance.

Who is Ines Rau?

Ines Rau’s journey as a French model of Algerian descent and a transgender rights advocate has been inspirational. Born in Paris, Rau underwent gender-affirming surgery at 16 and eventually became an influential figure in the modeling world. Her transition journey and her role as Playboy’s first transgender Playmate have made her a symbol of resilience and change in the fashion industry.

Stephanie Rose Bertram’s Unique Place in Mbappé’s Life

Bertram, beyond her achievements in modeling, stands as a figure of strength and independence. Her role as a mother and her multifaceted career set her apart in Mbappé’s life. Their relationship, evolving away from the public eye, adds a layer of normalcy and intimacy to the football star’s otherwise public life.


Kylian Mbappé’s romantic journey, particularly with Stephanie Rose Bertram, remains a subject of fascination. Their relationship, though private, is a captivating intersection of sports and fashion, revealing a different, softer side of the soccer superstar.

FAQs About Kylian Mbappé’s Girlfriend

  1. Who is Stephanie Rose Bertram in Mbappé’s life?
    A Belgian model and mother, Bertram, is the current romantic interest of Mbappé, known for her groundbreaking work in fashion.
  2. How did Mbappé and Bertram connect?
    The details are scarce, but their connection seemingly bloomed around major soccer events, with Bertram’s presence at the World Cup being a notable instance.
  3. What is known about Bertram’s relationship history?
    Bertram was previously in a significant relationship with Gregory van der Wiel, with whom she has a daughter.
  4. Who were Mbappé’s notable past romantic interests? His past rumored relationships include those with Alicia Aylies, Emma Smet, Stella Maxwell, Georgia May Heath, and, notably, Ines Rau.
  5. Why was Mbappé’s relationship with Ines Rau significant? Rau, being a prominent transgender model and playmate, brought an unprecedented level of media attention and public discourse to their relationship.