Management University of Africa (MUA) Online Application and Admission Procedure: Unlocking Leadership and Entrepreneurial Potential

Management University of Africa (MUA) Online Application and Admission Procedure: Unlocking Leadership and Entrepreneurial Potential

About Management University of Africa (MUA)

The Management University of Africa (MUA) stands as a distinguished private university offering innovative solutions in Management, Leadership, Governance, and Entrepreneurship to Africa and beyond. With a commitment to excellence, MUA facilitates lifelong and experiential learning, fostering a culture of continuous growth and development. Its vision is to be a premier university providing transformative leadership solutions worldwide, while the mission is to pursue excellence in delivering quality education through innovative teaching and distinguished research, shaping leaders, change agents, and entrepreneurs with a global impact.

Our Values

MUA upholds a set of core values that define its ethos and drive its pursuit of excellence:

  1. Lifelong and Experiential Learning: The university encourages a culture of continuous learning that extends throughout an individual’s lifetime.
  2. Academic Freedom: MUA fosters an environment of free and critical thought, promoting open exchange of best practices, ideas, and knowledge.
  3. Creativity and Innovation: Emphasizing research and development, MUA introduces new methods and interventions to ensure quality, efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.
  4. Integrity: The university upholds professional and ethical standards, fostering excellence within its community while emphasizing accountability.
  5. Social Responsibility: MUA provides leadership in addressing national, regional, and global concerns through collaborative efforts.

MUA History

Founded in September 2011, the Management University of Africa was established with the support of the Kenya Institute of Management. It received its Letter of Interim Authority (LIA) from the Commission for Higher Education, granting it the mandate to operate as a university. The birth of MUA stemmed from the decision to transform the KIM School of Management into a fully-fledged university. This transformation recognized the keen desire of working executives to address existing workplace challenges effectively. MUA realized that to tackle these issues, leaders with a commitment to excellence in business leadership were essential, resulting in positive change.

Distinct Focus of MUA

The Management University of Africa has a clear focus on being the center of excellence in capacity building in management, leadership, governance, and entrepreneurship. Drawing from the practical experience and extensive knowledge base of its sponsor, the Kenya Institute of Management, which spans over six decades in Leadership and Business Management, MUA aims to produce graduates who embody innovative leadership and offer solutions to industries and communities. The university offers competitive programs with both national relevance and a global perspective. Its two-pronged approach is designed to meet the management needs of the current and future demands of industrial growth in the country.

MUA Programmes and Offerings

MUA offers a diverse range of programs at various academic levels, including Undergraduate, PhD, Postgraduate, Masters, Diploma, and Certificate programs. Students can choose from an array of disciplines, including business, technology, leadership, governance, and more. The university’s comprehensive and well-structured courses ensure that students receive a holistic and relevant education.

How to Apply at Management University of Africa (MUA)

The application process at MUA is user-friendly and efficient. To apply for any program, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Admission or
  2. Visit the Official Website: Navigate to the Management University of Africa (MUA) website
  3.  Apply Icon: Look for the admission or apply icon on the website, and click on it to access the online application form.
  4. Complete and Submit the Form: Fill out the online application form with accurate and relevant information. Once completed, submit the form as instructed.

Applicants are encouraged to ensure that all required documents are attached and that the information provided is correct. Submitting the application on time will ensure a smooth and timely processing of your application.

Embrace Excellence and Transformative Leadership at MUA

Management University of Africa (MUA) stands as a beacon of excellence in education, producing leaders who make a significant impact on the world. By offering transformative leadership and management solutions, MUA equips its graduates to face the challenges of the dynamic global landscape. Embrace the opportunity to shape your future and join MUA on a journey of discovery, growth, and impact. Apply today and unlock your potential for a brighter tomorrow. The Management University of Africa awaits your arrival!


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