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LVIA Jobs in Tanzania / Nafasi za kazi (Opportunities), job opportunities, internship opportunities LVIA. Are you still looking for a job or internship opportunity so as to get knowledge, skills and experience. Through this post you will find new jobs, Nafasi za kazi, and internship Opportunities at Lay Volunteers International Association.

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Lay Volunteers International Association, this organisation was established in 1966, and it has been operating for more that 50 years. Due to it collaboration with other organisations here in Africa it operates in 10 African countries.

The main purpose or goal of this organisation is to fight against extreme poverty. So it fight against poverty to ensure that there no or reduce the level of poverty in this world. Actually since it started to operate it help a lot other countries to fight against poverty by provide support and help.

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is an Italian association which deals with international solidarity and cooperation, committed to fostering ways of local and global change to overcome extreme poverty, reinforce equitable and sustainable development and enhance dialogue between Italian and African communities.

About LVIA

LVIA seeks to promote responsible citizenship based on the principles of solidarity, to act effectively to promote change, to sustain dialogue and mutual understanding among peoples for building a more just and united world.

A global society in which the dignity of every person is safeguarded and promoted, in which each individual person may enjoy fundamental liberties, have access to resources and services, have the possibility to live in a healthy environment and improve the quality of life in all aspects; a global society in which every single individual and all communities have the right of self-determination consistent with the cultural rights of other peoples and every man and woman on earth.

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is active in 10 African countries and in 50 years, in collaboration with international and local partners and with the backing of thousands of supporters, it has ensured water, healthcare and food, improved family agriculture and natural resource management, strengthened small businesses, improved the quality of the environment, and has supported the inclusion and social innovation for the benefit of millions of people.

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