List of Vocational Education and Training Centers (VETAs) in Tanzania

List of Vocational Education and Training Centers (VETAs) in Tanzania:

Yaliyomo: Vyuo Vya Veta Tanzania/ vyuo vya ufundi dar es salaam, vyuo vya ufundi vilivyo sajiliwa na Nacte, orodha ya vyuo vya ufundi stadi Tanzania The Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) is an autonomous government agency established by Act of Parliament No. 1 of 1994, Chapter 82 [revised in 2006]. The general objective of the establishment of VETA is to oversee the vocational education and training (VET) system in Tanzania. It has the responsibilities of promoting, coordinating, providing, regulating, and financing VET in the country. Orodha Ya Vyuo Vya Veta Tanzania Orodha Ya Vyuo Vya Veta Tanzania As the economy continues to change, it has become increasingly important for Tanzanians to develop skills that will allow them to succeed in the workforce. Vocational education, also known as career and technical education, is an important part of this effort. VETA programs not only provide students with practical job skills but also prepare them for college or other advanced training options by providing a solid foundation in general academic subjects such as reading, writing, math, and science. In addition to increasing the number of students who are able to secure jobs after graduation, vocational education programs can help reduce poverty by providing Tanzanians with the skills they need to earn higher wages. Vyuo Vya Veta Tanzania Here you will find a list of all VETA Center in Tanzania (Vyuo Vya Veta Tanzania). Angalia list ya Vyuo Vya Veta Tanzania hapa Alberta Menegozo Vocation Center Matembwe Mission O.Box 95 NJOMBE, IRINGA. Offers Tailoring Courses for girls Air Wing Vocation Training School O.Box 18111 Tel: +255 22 2843768 UKONGA, DAR ES SALAAM. Offers Motor Vehicle mechanics training for two years Alberta Menegozo Vocation Training Center O. Box 95 MATEMBWE MISSION, NJOMBE, IRINGA. Offers Tailoring Courses for girls and related subjects for domestic science. Amani Vocational Training Center O.Box 68 Tel: 133 (through TTCL Operator) MANYONI, SINGIDA Offers Tailoring (Trade Test grade 1, trade grade 11, and trade Test grade 111) Arusha College of Electronics Acu Building 3rd Floor P.O.Box 7023 ARUSHA. Offers certificates in electronics level 1&2 for three months each Certificate in computer technical support Bomang’ombe Vocational Training Center O.Box 192 HAI, KILIMANJARO. Offers Short course in Tailoring and embroidery for both male and female City Center of Commerce Zanaki Street Plot No. 2165/77 P.O.Box 3697 Tel: +255 22 2123484 DAR ES SALAAM. Offers Typewriting training Computer Training and Business Applications (Ltd) CTBA Uhuru Street, Opposite Keys Hotel and Caltex Petro Station O.Box 60666 Tel; +255 22 2180116 Email: DAR ES SALAAM. Chisalu FDC O.Box 98 TAMBI-MPWAPWA, DODOMA Offers Courses in Carpentry, Bricklaying and Tailoring. Dete Computer Training Institute Tandika-Chihota Street O.Box 40623 Tel; +255 22 2857191 Email: DAR ES SALAAM. Offers Courses in Introduction to computer; Microsoft World; Microsoft Excel; Microsoft Access; and Microsoft PowerPoint. Hanga Trade School, O. Box 217 Tel: +255 25 2600997 HANGA ABASIA, SONGEA, RUVUMA. Offers Courses in Masonry and Bricks layer’s and Cabinet making. Ilembura Nurses and Midwives Training School O. Box 1 Tel: +255 26 2782032 ILEMBURA, IRINGA. Offers Courses in General Nursing and Midwifery Kayanga Vocational Training Center O. Box 176 Tel: +255 28 2223140 KARAGWE, KAGERA. Offers Courses in Motor Vehicle Mechanics and Driving; Dress making and Homecrafts and Secretarial Duties and Office Practice Kituchabamo Vocational Training Center O. Box 13489 ARUSHA. Offers Courses in Masonry, Carpentry and Tailoring. Kiumo Vocational Training Center O. Box 876 Tel: 35 (through TTCL Operator) Mrimbo Uuwo, Moshi, KILIMANJARO Offer Courses in Carpentry and Joinery, Tailoring, Shoemaker. Liuli Technology Center O. Box 03 LIULI, MBINGA, RUVUMA. Offers Courses in Carpentry, Fisheries, Tile making, Domestics, Food science, Tailoring, Typing and Sewing. Lutheran Bible Institute O. Box 33 KIOMBOI, SINGIDA. Offers Theology course. Mafinga Lutheran Vocational Training Center (Mlvtc) O. Box 15 Tel: +255 26 2772013; Radio Call. LUGANGA, MAFINGA, IRINGA. Offers Courses in Tailoring and Cookery, Mechanics i.e. Motor vehicle, Auto electrical, Metalwork and Welding, Carpentry and Masonry i.e. Carpentry, Masonry and Building, Plumbing and Painting Mariele College O. Box 8511 Tel: +255 27 2539001 NAMANGA, ARUSHA. Offers course in Tailoring for Masai girls. Matemanga Educational and Development Center O. Box 184 MATEMANGA, TUNDURU, RUVUMA. Offers Courses in Welding, Masonry, Carpentry and Tailoring. Michaud Vocational Training Centre O. Box 73 NGORONGORO ESTATE, KARATU, MANYARA. Offers Courses in Tailoring, Typing, Cookery and Weaving. Moshi Community Center O. Box 653 Tel: +255 27 2752673 MOSHI, KILIMANJARO. Offers Courses in Secretarial Practice i.e. Typing, English, Office Practice and Book Keeping and Computer studies. Mwanza Home Craft Center Nyakato Sokoni Area O. Box 83Tel: +255 28 2570530MWANZA Offers Courses in Welding and Fabrication, Tailoring, Carpentry. Nyumba ya Sanaa W.D.T.C O. Box 133 IRINGA. Offers tailoring course Mission Trade School O. Box 177 Tel: +255 26 2502802/2502551MANYONI, SINGIDA. Offers courses in Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Carpentry, and Joinery. Samanga Catholic Vocational and Training Center Dioces of Moshi C/o Samanga Parish O. Box 3041 Email: MOSHI, KILIMANJARO. Offers courses in Electrical Installation, Carpentry and Joinery, Tailoring and Embroidery, Welding and Fabrications, Motor Vehicle Mechanics and Office Practice and Computer. Social Education Center O. Box 640 Tel: +255 23 4527 MOROGORO Offers courses in Secretarial, trades computer, Intensive English program. St. Anthony Vocational Training Center Diocese of Musoma O. Box 982 Tel: +255 28 2642896 MUSOMA, MARA. Offers courses in Carpentry, Bricklaying, Metal works and Motor Vehicle Mechanics. St. Carolus Secondary School and Vocational Training Center O. Box 940 Tel: +255 26 2502890 SINGIDA. Offer courses in Sewing, Cookery and Typing. Secondary School (‘O’ level) is a boarding co-school which admits the standard seven leavers. Tanzania Utalii College Nyavyamo Hotel, Agreey Street, Kariakoo O. Box 7914 Tel: +255 22 2183332/744 488689 E-mail: DAR ES SALAAM. Offers courses in Hotel Management and Tourism Management. Tanzania Institute of Commerce and Industries (T.I.C.I) Eckernforde and Guinea Avenues O. Box 5032 DAR ES SALAAM. Offers courses in Electrical Installation, Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Motor Vehicle Driver, Computer which include Introduction and DOS, Windows Application, Microsoft World, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access and Secretarial. Umati – Temeke Youth Center Mjimwema Street O. Box 1372 Tel: +255 22 2856793/2111639/2117774/2139 050 DAR ES SALAAM. Offers courses in Basic Tailoring and Basic Hotel Management. Upendo Vocational Training Center (IDUDC) Sabasaba Ground, Gangilonga Street P.O. Box 795 Tel: +255 26 2701592 Mobile: 0744 368030/465530/465531/465532 E-mail: IRINGA. Offers courses in Carpentry and Joinery, Masonry and Brick Work, Tailoring and Knitting, Batik and Tie and Dye. Usa-River Rehabilitation and Training Center O. Box 47 Tel: +255 27 2553427/2553645/2553615 USA RIVER, ARUSHA. Offers courses in Tailoring, Welding, Shoe Making, Carpentry and Secretarial studies. VETA – Mtwara Regional Vocational Education Training and Service Center (MRVTSC), Shangani West O. Box 58 Tel: +255 23 2333808/2333485 MTWARA Offers courses in Masonry and Bricklaying, Carpentry and Joinery, Plumbing and Pipe fitting, Tailoring and Dressmaking, Secretarial and Computer studies. Vocational Training Tailoring School For Dressmaking, Kibena O. Box 54 Tel: +255 26 2782345 NJOMBE, IRINGA. Offers courses in Sewing Machines and tools, textures, Mathematics and Bookkeeping, English, Swahili, Housekeeping and Religion. Vocational Training School Kwapakacha O. Box 24 KONDOA, DODOMA. Offers courses in Carpentry and Joinery, Welding and Metalwork, Masonry and Bricklaying, Nutrition, Home economics and Needlework. Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA), Chang’ombe Road P.O. box 2849 Tel: +255 22 2863683/2863407/2863409 E-mail: DAR ES SALAAM. Offers course in Agromechanics, Air conditioning, and refrigeration, Electrical installation, Electrical and telecommunications, Office machine mechanics, Motor rewinding, Industrial electrical fitting, Truck mechanics, Fitter mechanics, Welding and fabrication, Panel beating, Carpentry, Masonry and Bricklaying, Painting and decoration, Civil draughting, Auto electric, Catering and hotel services, Computer concrete work and concrete products and fitter and machinist Upendo Vocational Training Course O. Box 93 Tel: +255 28 2622017 MUSOMA, MARA. Offers courses in Tailoring, Domestic Science and Typing, English Language.
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