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Lily Att Body, Bikini, Measurements, Girl, Real Name, Instagram, Body, Net Worth: Lily Att, better known as Milana Vayntrub, is not just a familiar face from AT&T commercials; she’s a multifaceted individual who has left her mark in the entertainment industry. In this exploration of Lily Att’s life, we’ll dive into her background, career, personal life, and the positive impact she’s had as an advocate.

Lily Att Bio

Full Name Milana Vayntrub (known as Lily Att)
Date of Birth March 8, 1987
Age 36 years old.
Place of birth Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Nationality American
Ethnicity Jewish
Family The youngest of three children, two older brothers
Relationship Status In a relationship with Pete Davidson (since 2022),
Net Worth (2023) $3 million
Languages Fluent in Russian and English
Interests Trained dancer and gymnast, Lakers fan, dog lover

Who is Lily Att?

Lily Att is a commonly used nickname for Milana Vayntrub, an American actress, comedian, and writer. She is best known for her role as Lily Adams in a series of commercials for AT&T. Born on March 8, 1987, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Milana immigrated to the United States with her family at the age of three. Besides her work in commercials, she has appeared in various films and television shows, including a recurring role in “This Is Us” and starring in the science fiction comedy “Other Space.” Milana Vayntrub is also recognized for her advocacy work, particularly in promoting body positivity and mental health awareness.

Lily Att: Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born on March 8, 1987, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Lily Att’s journey began with her family’s move to the United States when she was merely three years old. Growing up in Los Angeles, California, Lily Att started her acting career at a young age, featuring in commercials for Mattel and gracing the stage with performances in productions like “The Crucible” and “The Diary of Anne Frank.”

However, it was in 2013 that Lily Att experienced a breakthrough moment when she became the face of AT&T in a series of commercials. Cast as Lily Adams, a helpful and friendly saleswoman, Lily Att’s portrayal resonated with audiences, turning her into a household name.

Lily Att’s acting career

Beyond her iconic AT&T commercials, Lily Att has made a notable impact in both film and television. She had a recurring role in the popular NBC drama “This Is Us” from 2016 to 2017, showcasing her versatility as an actress. In 2015, she took on the lead role in the Yahoo! Screen science fiction comedy “Other Space,” further solidifying her presence in the entertainment landscape.

Apart from her screen appearances, Lily Att has demonstrated her creative abilities as a writer. She’s penned and starred in several short films, including “The Other Side” and “The Matchmaker,” demonstrating her talent extends beyond acting.

Lily Att’s Voice for Positivity and Change

While Lily Att’s acting career has shone brightly, her influence extends far beyond the entertainment industry. Lily Att has emerged as a vocal advocate for body positivity, using her platform to speak out against body shaming and sexual harassment. Her courage in sharing her own experiences has inspired others to break their silence and address these important issues.

In 2017, Time magazine recognized Lily Att’s impact by naming her one of the “50 Most Influential People on the Internet.” Her commitment to fostering positive change resonates not only in her words but also in her actions, making her a role model for those who admire her work.

Lily Att Personal Life: Family, Relationship, and Advocacy

Lily Att, born Milana Vayntrub, maintains a level of privacy when it comes to her personal life. Her family background reveals that she is the youngest of three children, with two older brothers. Lily Att’s parents, both Jewish, immigrated to the United States from Uzbekistan, shaping her multicultural identity.

In her romantic life, Lily Att has been linked with American musician and filmmaker Pete Davidson. While the couple is relatively private about their relationship, Lily Att has shared glimpses on her Instagram, referring to Davidson as her “best friend.” Their appearances together at public events like the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards and the 2023 Met Gala have sparked interest and joy among fans.

Though Lily Att hasn’t disclosed plans for marriage or children, she has expressed a desire for these milestones in the future. Her openness about her journey in both personal and professional spheres contributes to her relatability, endearing her to fans worldwide.

Lily Att Net Worth

Milana Vayntrub, aka Lily Att, has not only garnered recognition for her acting and advocacy but has also achieved financial success. As of 2023, Lily Att’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $3 million. This financial milestone reflects her diverse career, from the iconic AT&T commercials to her work in films, television, and writing.

Lily Att’s earnings also stem from endorsements and sponsorships, showcasing the broad appeal she holds in the industry. With ongoing projects and a commitment to her craft, Lily Att’s net worth is expected to continue growing in the years to come.

Lily Att Body Positivity, Mental Health, and Beyond

Beyond her professional and financial accomplishments, Lily Att is an individual with a rich array of interests and commitments. Fluent in both Russian and English, Lily Att embraces her multicultural background. A trained dancer and gymnast, she finds joy in physical expression.

Her advocacy extends to mental health awareness, a cause she passionately supports. Lily Att has not only shared her experiences with body shaming and harassment but has actively encouraged others to speak out. As a co-founder of the National Eating Disorders Association’s Body Positive campaign, Lily Att seeks to make a lasting impact on societal perceptions of beauty and self-worth.

In her personal life, Lily Att’s love for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team and her pet dog, Lil’ Petey, provide glimpses into the aspects that bring joy to her everyday life.

Lily Att Social Media Accounts

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In summary, Lily Att, born Milana Vayntrub, is much more than the face we see in AT&T commercials. Her journey from Uzbekistan to the United States, her breakthrough in the entertainment industry, and her advocacy work all contribute to a narrative of resilience, talent, and positive change.

Lily Att’s impact reaches beyond the screen, inspiring individuals to embrace their uniqueness and speak out against societal pressures. As she continues to navigate the complexities of fame, Lily Att remains grounded, using her voice to foster a world of acceptance and kindness. In doing so, she not only entertains but also empowers, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who admire her.


Who is Lily Att?

Lily Att is the popular nickname for Milana Vayntrub, an American actress, comedian, and writer. She gained widespread recognition for her role as Lily Adams in a series of commercials for AT&T.

Is the AT&T girl married?

Lily Att, or Milana Vayntrub, is not married. However, she is currently in a relationship with American musician and filmmaker Pete Davidson.

How old is the AT&T girl?

Milana Vayntrub, known as the AT&T girl, was born on March 8, 1987. As of the current date, she is 36 years old.