Who is Laura Ingraham’s husband? And Her dating history

Who is Laura Ingraham’s Husband? A Look into Her Dating History, Laura Ingraham, the prominent conservative commentator, and Fox News host has had a fascinating journey through the world of dating and relationships.

While her professional life is well-known, her personal life has been a subject of curiosity. In this article, we delve into the intriguing details of Laura Ingraham’s dating history and her current husband, David Michael Porter.

Laura Ingraham’s Relationship Status

Laura Ingraham, often recognized for her fiery political commentary, has never tied the knot. Despite her busy career and prominence in the media industry, Ingraham has never been married and does not appear to have any immediate plans to do so. Surprisingly, she has also never been engaged, which is quite rare in the world of celebrities.

Laura Ingraham’s Date with Donny Deutsch

While Laura Ingraham’s dating history may seem elusive, there was one notable relationship that caught public attention. In 2007, Ingraham had a four-month-long relationship with Donny Deutsch.

Interestingly, this brief romance marked the only time Ingraham had ever been on an airplane before meeting Deutsch, showcasing her dedication to her career.

Meet Laura Ingraham’s Husband, David Michael Porter

Laura Ingraham’s current partner is David Michael Porter. He is a lawyer, a conservative writer, and a speechwriter with an impressive track record. Having worked for prominent figures such as George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, and Donald Trump, Porter brings a wealth of experience to the relationship.

David Michael Porter’s Conservative Advocacy

David Michael Porter is not just a lawyer; he is a fervent advocate for conservative causes. He has contributed articles to conservative publications like the National Review and Time magazine.

Furthermore, he served as a speechwriter for key conservative politicians, including President George H. W. Bush and Vice President Dan Quayle. He has also made appearances on Fox News as an analyst and commentator since 2002, solidifying his presence in the conservative media landscape.

The Surprising Connection: Laura’s ’80s Boyfriends as Roommates

In a twist of fate, two of Laura Ingraham’s ’80s boyfriends, Mike McKeon and Tim Russert, were once roommates. This unexpected connection emerged while they were working together on a project during their time at Williams College in Massachusetts. Both later attended law school at Georgetown University, adding an intriguing layer to Ingraham’s dating history.

Laura Ingraham’s Engagement to Jay Paterno

During her time at Dartmouth College, Laura Ingraham met Jay Paterno, a former NFL player. After two years of dating, they became engaged in 1990. Although the engagement ended in 1991, they remained friends until Paterno’s untimely death from lung cancer in 2012. Paterno left behind two daughters with his wife, Gail.

The Tense History with Keith Olbermann

Laura Ingraham’s professional life has also intertwined with her dating history. Her relationship with Keith Olbermann, a vocal critic of President Trump, caused tension in the media landscape.

They initially met while working together at Fox News in 2007 but broke up due to their opposing political views. Despite their differences, they maintained a complicated friendship.

Laura Ingraham’s Engagement to Robert Torricelli

One of the most intriguing chapters in Laura Ingraham’s dating history was her engagement to Robert Torricelli, a New Jersey Democrat who served as a congressman. Their engagement ended amid rumors of infidelity, ultimately leading to the termination of their relationship.

Laura Ingraham’s Views on Online Dating

Ingraham’s dating experiences have shaped her perspective on relationships. She has expressed a strong aversion to online dating, considering it a “waste of time and money.” Her past experiences, including a public affair with one of her producers, have contributed to her contentment with being single.

Ingraham has emphasized that she is content with her life and career, stating that she has no plans to remarry. Her dedication to her professional endeavors remains her top priority.

In conclusion, Laura Ingraham’s dating history is a blend of intriguing relationships and connections in the world of politics and media. While she may not have walked down the aisle, her career and personal journey have been captivating in their own right.