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Job Opportunities at Pula / Nafasi za kazi, through this organisation it is great opportunity for you to secure a job here in this organisation. You will gained a lot of skills and knowledge that related to your field of studied.


This is an organization that provides an assistance to farmers, what they do is through provides insurance services that cover all the problems that related to an agricultural. So this is done by the use of technology which bring a lot of changes so this programme is the best.

Current position available

There are many opportunities that offered or provided by this organisation which bring support to people because in order for an organization to grow or expand needs people so as to help an organisation to reach it’s goals.

  • Job: apply now Executive Assistant in Kenya

About Pula

At Pula, we are radically restructuring agricultural insurance, using technology to insure the previously unbanked, uninsured, untapped market of 1.5 billion smallholders worldwide.

We work in over 17 countries across Africa, South America and Asia, and, we have facilitated crop insurance cover to over 5.3 million farmers across Kenya, India, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, Mali, Senegal, Zambia, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Tanzania, and Malawi. Since raising our $9m Series A investment round our operations have expanded globally including Asia and Latin America.

Insurance is a tool for vulnerable households in these affected regions to adapt to the effects that climate change is already having today on these households. It is a tool that enables for compensation payment for losses and damages that these households had no part in causing. Insurance compensation enables these households to make adjustments to their day to day livelihoods and practices and therefore allows for an equitable and just transition.

Pula is a fast-paced environment, constantly adapting to new opportunities and challenges and we are made up of a high-performance, multi-cultural team. We expect our team to value performance, results and professionalism.

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Our core values:

  • Obsessed with results: We are responsible for our future and therefore we get things done!
  • Connect the Dots: We continuously identify different customer needs & business problems and build solutions that deliver value.
  • Have a Can do Attitude! We dare to do things differently to make things work.
  • We have each others’ back: We look out for each other & we share high quality, timely feedback that makes us better.

Contact Information


Pula GmbH,
Oberdorfstrasse 44,
8753- CH Mollis.


ABC Place,
2nd Floor – Block F, Waiyaki Way,
Westlands, Nairobi.


DG Office Park,
Block 2, 1 Chila Rd
Kabulonga, Lusaka.


For more details visit https://pula.bamboohr.com/careers/174

Job Opportunities at Pula / Nafasi za kazi