Job Opportunities at Japan Tobacco International (JTI) / Nafasi za kazi

Job Opportunities at Japan Tobacco International (JTI) / Nafasi za kazi, in Tanzania there are many industries that are operating here, this is because due to good policy that support the investor to invest here. Also due to attractive environment that give them opportunities.

Many industries here in Tanzania, they provide or offering many support to people because through these industries that operating in Tanzania, enable people to get jobs, which help them to get money so as to get support for their daily lives.

Japan Tobacco International (JTI)

There are a lot of products that this company produces, many people have benifited a lot from the products that produced by JTI. TCC manufactures, markets and sells the following brands;

  • Camel
  • Embassy
  • Portsman
  • Safari
  • Club
  • Sweet Menthol
  • Liggett Ducat
  • Winston
  • Crescent and Star

Job and Internship Opportunities at Japan Tobacco International

In order for a company to grow or expand needs to have people who will work to support the company or industry to reach the goal. So manpower is important for company grow that why many industries here in Tanzania they are looking for employees to work to their industries.

More than 440 people are employed and work in this industry, so we can see that people benifited a lot from them due to services and products that they offer and provide.

Here we provide the current position that company or industry looking for an applicant or someone to fill the position as follows;

  • Job: apply now Agronomy Technician Trainee

About Japan Tobacco International (JTI)

The Tanzania Cigarette Public Limited Company (TCC Plc), a member of the JT group of companies, boasts a proud history that reflects the way the country itself has reshaped over the past half a century.

JTI was established in Tanzania in 1961

Just a few years later, the Government of Tanzania acquired 60% equity in the Company as part of Tanzania’s Nationalization program – and the remaining 40% in 1975.

In 1995, RJ Reynolds acquired a 51% stake in TCC Plc. In 1999, Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) acquired all non-US Tobacco operations of RJ Reynolds, including its 51% stake in TCC Plc.

In September 2000, JT, through its international tobacco division, Japan Tobacco International (JTI), increased its shareholding in TCC Plc from 51% to 75%, making JTI the majority shareholder in TCC Plc.

Today, TCC Plc is listed at the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange, and the organization shares a common aspiration with the nation for success and respect, guided by our three core values – enterprising, open and challenging.

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Job Opportunities at Japan Tobacco International (JTI) / Nafasi za kazi
Japan Tobacco International