How to watch DSTV Online anywhere on your phone and laptop (

How to watch DSTV Online anywhere on your phone and laptop (

In this article you will find on How to watch DSTV Online anywhere on your phone and laptop successful in Tanzania. This is not something new especially to those who are so familiar with DSTV, as we know that they offering DSTV self service to the user to have freedom and peace when they watch and enjoy variety of services and products that offered by DSTV.

Through DSTV Online it give a chance or opportunity to user to have access of using DSTV packages anywhere so as they can not miss any events or program. And this service is applicable to all dstv customer especially to those who subscribe for DStv channels. So by using DStv online you will never miss any favorite shows or episode that you love.

If you have already subscribe DStv package on your decoder it will be easy for you to access DStv online anywhere this is because there will be no cost or fee for you what you need is to have access of internet. In order to have access and to use DStv online what you need to have DStv App where by you will need to create an account by signup in order to access to my DStv. 

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So using DStv online there will be no any other extra cost if only you have an active package on your DStv decoder so as to avoid issues and problems that may incurred during try to access the service. But it can be accessed even if you have not paid or have active package on you are DStv decoder by pay directly to use it on mobile phone, tablet or computer and laptop.

watch DStv Online
watch DStv Online

How to watch DStv Online

In order to watch DStv online there are procedures  you need to follow so as to be successful. This is how to watch DStv online

Sign up for DStv Online

  • Go to and click the sign up button
  • Fill in your email address, mobile number and choose a strong password
  • Click create an account
  • Link your DStv account to the DStv online streaming service.
  • Fill in the  DStv account holder’s ID number or your DStv customer number.
  • Once you’ve linked DStv online to your DStv account, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • You are officially signed up for DStv online

How will i know that i signed up for DStv online

You will be able to login on DStv online where by you will be able to access channels and packages that you subscribe for.

  • Save our number +255 677 666 111, on your mobile device.
  • DStv customer care number Dar Es Salaam  Tanzania