How to register on the UDIN Portal? Full guide

How to Register on the UDIN Portal? Registration on the UDIN portal shall be mandatory at any time after issue of Certificate of Practice (‘COP’) but before generating the first UDIN or before the renewal of COP by a Practising Company Secretary (hereinafter referred to as ‘the PCS’), whichever is earlier


  • Make sure that you use phone number that belong to you
  • Make sure that you provide an email that is yours
  • Provide all relevant documents needed during application process

Unique Document Identification Number, This a fair and unique number introduced by the ICAI for all the certificates and documents attested by the Chartered Accountants.

The Generate number is from the Unique document identification number portal and is unique meaning no duplication can happen once the document is produced.

How to Register on the UDIN Portal?

  • On the homepage, the menu clicks on the first-time tab user then enter the following details.
  • Six-digit membership number.
  • Date of birth
  • The actual date of enrollment
  • now click on the OTP button and send the OTP to your registered mobile number.
  • Key in the OTP on the space provided then click the continue button.
  • The portal will display login credentials for the UDIN page;
  • All details will also be sent to your register email address.

Unique Document Identification Number(UDIN) for Practicing Chartered Accountants.

Note that

This UDIN System has been developed by ICAI to facilitate its members for verification and certification of the documents and for securing documents and authenticity thereof by Regulators.

However, ICAI assumes no responsibility of verification and certification of document(s) carried out by the Members and the concerned member(s) shall alone be responsible therefore.

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