How to Create Airtel Mastercard in Tanzania

How to Create Airtel Mastercard in Tanzania : Airtel Money Mastercard is a virtual card offered by Airtel Tanzania in partnership with Mastercard. This virtual card allows users to make online purchases at various merchants worldwide where Mastercard is accepted. The Airtel Money Mastercard is linked to your Airtel mobile money account, making it convenient for making online payments. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create your Airtel Money Mastercard:

  1. Dial 15060# to Access Airtel Money Menu: Open your phone’s dialer and dial 15060#. This will give you access to the Airtel Money Menu.
  2. Select Option #4 – “Mastercard”: Once you are in the Airtel Money Menu, choose option #4, which is labeled “Mastercard.”
  3. Select Option #1 – “Create Card”: After selecting the “Mastercard” option, proceed by choosing option #1, which is “Create Card.”
  4. Enter Airtel Money PIN: To confirm the creation of your Airtel Money Mastercard virtual card, you will be prompted to enter your Airtel Money PIN.
  5. Receive Confirmation SMS: After entering your PIN, you will receive a confirmation SMS notification. The SMS will contain a link where you can find your Airtel Money Mastercard details, including the PAN (Personal Account Number), CVV (Card Verification Value), and expiry date.

Please note that there are some costs associated with the Airtel Money Mastercard service:

  • Airtel Money Mastercard Creation Fee: The fee for creating the Airtel Money Mastercard is 2000 Tanzanian shillings.
  • Airtel Money Mastercard Suspension Service: Suspending the Airtel Money Mastercard is free of charge.
  • Airtel Money Mastercard Details Request Service: Requesting details of your Airtel Money Mastercard is also free of charge.

The Airtel Money Mastercard offers several benefits, including no annual or monthly fees, no need to carry a physical card, no minimum balance requirements, and the ability to create multiple cards as needed. It is a secure and convenient way to make online purchases and pay for various goods and services, including subscriptions like DSTV and Netflix, as well as online shopping on platforms like Amazon.

If you are looking for an affordable virtual card with numerous benefits and features, the Airtel Money Mastercard is an excellent choice. Follow the steps outlined above to create your Airtel Money Mastercard and start enjoying the convenience of online payments.

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