How is life treating you and what are the best solutions to overcome

How is life treating you

How is life treating you and what are the best solutions to overcome, What is life, it is true that when you are talking about life, you are touching on many things that surround the human being in the area where he/she lives. It is not easy to give the clear meaning of life, but in short life is the state in which a person lives due to the environment he/she has. Through this post you will find the best way on how to overcome all the situation in your life right now (How is life treating you and what are the best solutions to overcome).

How is life treating you and what are the best solutions to overcome
How is life treating you and what are the best solutions to overcome

Many people have a lot of thoughts about life that they lives. Everyone has a goal in this life that we live but the challenges come as a result many of us we failed to fulfill our destiny or purpose that brought us here in this world. How is life treating you

How is life treating you and what are the best solutions to overcome

It is true that it become very difficult for everyone to know or realize what he or she is aiming for in this world that we live and how the world is going or moving. Since the world is like jungle and only those who are strong and fit can dominate and control it. Because of many trials and temptations people facing in this world make life so tough and hard as a result make us to have a lot of thoughts about our lives with no answers.

From the Bible we as Christians know that everyone who is born and brought to this world have purpose that God put inside every person as a child since before born. So God who is our creator has set the goal of each person living in this world.

The goal of our God bringing us here in this world to live according to his plans, is that to succeed and have good life that he has planned for us to live by doing his will.

We know and realize that most of us we are living a life that is not our. This is because God’s plan for us was different and we live differently. This is due to the way this world we live in has made us to follow it so that we can live and survive.

Why people have so many questions in their heads related to the life that we live here in this world and even now they still do not have the right answers regarding the fate of their lives. I can say that this can be caused by not fulfill our purpose that the goal our God set inside us we failed him because we follow the way of life in this world and drive us crazy.

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Can you know exactly what things can make a person have many thoughts in his head about this life. It is certainly not easy because everyone here in this world goes through their own trials that distinguish them from others.

Things that can cause a person to have many thoughts in h/her head about life

There are many things that can make a person to have many thoughts but here I will explain the major causes as follows;


The main larger group that are affected by this is students especially those who finished college or university. Many young people are the victims of this problem of having too many thoughts in their heads related to this life that they are going through.

When many students finish college or university, they have very big goals that they will get a job as soon as they finish college or university. But now it is different from previous year, employment has become so difficult that it leads to a large wave of unemployed people on the streets.


Now is that not having money is very big problem which also contributes to have many thoughts in people’s heads which can lead you to even be stressed. For now, in order for things to go well in this world you must have money. So that you can do anything like buying, doing business, doing shopping and etc. Money is everything because without money you are nothings and even life will be tough for you.


On the other hand, the family can also contribute to a person to have many thoughts in his head which sometimes lacks even the answers to solve the problems that a person is going through.

When you are in a family with problems or obstacles, it is very difficult to fight or overcome challenges and thoughts in your head. Because of that may lead to bad results because once you are in stress, it is very easy to make or take a decision that is not good and the end is very bad.

What are the Consequences of having too much thoughts about life when you don’t finds answers to those problems?

What do you think will be consequences of having too much thought as follows;

Stress and depression

When you are in a state of many thoughts in your head and then you don’t have answers, it can lead to stress and depression in your life. When a person reaches this situation, he or she is at a stage of despair in life and feels that h/she is not good enough, a failure and etc.


Being in a state of many thoughts and lacking answers, it can lead to death because when you have many thoughts and don’t have help to help you to solve the challenges you are going through at the of the end you may find yourself dying without even knowing yourself.

Poor or bad decisions

When you are in stress and depression it is not a good time to make decisions. Because when you are in this situation and then you make decision always end up make bad decision. Many people make mistakes that later they regret for the decisions they made.

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What are the solutions you can do to overcome all this (How is life treating you)

There are many ways you can do in order to overcome all this kinds of thoughts in your life about life, but the following are the main solutions you can seek and can help you a lot as follows;


There are times when you really need to reflect on the destiny of your life. When you are in meditation, it is a simple way that will make you be to be away from all kinds of thoughts and will also give you a way to overcome every kind of temptation that you will face in your life. Many people tend to think too much about their lives, that’s why they are in many problems until now they don’t have a solution.

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Inner peace

In order to live well in this current world and get rid of all kinds of thoughts that will cause you to be stressed and put in trouble. It is very good that if you can seek for inner peace. This is because through this peace you will be able to live a very happy life in this world.

Sharing your feelings with others

It very important to make sure that you are open to people, this is a very easy way to overcome problems. When you are transparent in keeping your thing clear. It will be easy for others to know how to help you to deal with the situations that you might have.