Green Bird College Fee Structure 2023/2024

Green Bird College Fee Structure 2023/2024 : Understanding the fee structure of Green Bird College for the academic year 2023/2024  is essential for both students and parents/guardians. Having a clear idea of the costs involved helps in planning your budget for the upcoming academic year. The fee structure consists of tuition fees and various other costs, such as accommodation and meals, registration fees, examination fees, and more. It’s important to be informed about these fees to ensure you can afford them and plan your finances accordingly.


Here is the Green Bird College Fee Structure for the academic year 2023/2024, categorized by different programs:

Program: Pharmacy (Applicable for the Academic Year 2023/2024)

Fee Description Amount
Tuition Fee 1,800,000
Uniforms 100,000
Identity 15,000
Pharmacy Practice Supportive 100,000
Handbook for Pharmacy Practicals 57,000
Nacte Examination Fees 150,000
Nacte Quality Assurance Fees 5,000
College Examination Fees 50,000
Maintenance Fee 30,000

Programs: Stashahada Ualimu wa Sekondari (Diploma), Cheti (Certificate) Ualimu, Cheti (Certificate) Biashara, Diploma (Stashahada) Biashara, Ualimu wa Grade IIIA, and Stashahada Ualimu wa Sekondari (Diploma)

Payment Cycle Amount
Awamu Ya Kwanza (First Phase) 500,000
Awamu Ya Pili (Second Phase) 250,000
Awamu Ya Tatu (Third Phase) 500,000
Awamu Ya Nne (Fourth Phase) 250,000
Total 1,500,000

Other Green Bird College costs and expenditures that must be paid for acceptance at the college include:

Fee Type Amount
Health Insurance Tsh. 10,000
Identification Tsh. 5,000
College Uniform (Sewn in the College) Tsh. 80,000
Qualifications Tsh. 30,000
Field Practice / BTP Tsh. 30,000
Total Tsh. 155,000/=

Being aware of these fees and costs ensures that you can adequately plan your finances and have a smooth experience during your time at Green Bird College. Please let me know if you need any more information or assistance!

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