Great Lakes University of Kisumu Online Application Form | Great Lakes University of Kisumu admission procedure

Great Lakes University of Kisumu Online Application Form | Great Lakes University of Kisumu admission procedure

Great Lakes University of Kisumu (GLUK) offers various academic programs at different levels, including Short Courses, Certificate Programs, Diploma Programs, Undergraduate Programs, and Postgraduate Programs. The admission requirements vary for each program, as outlined below:

  1. Short Courses: Admission requirements for short courses depend on the specific course being selected. For detailed information on each short course and its admission requirements, you can refer to the university’s brochure.
  2. Certificate Programs: Minimum requirement: C- (minus) in KCSE or its equivalent qualifications.
  3. Diploma Programs: Minimum requirement: C (plain) in KCSE or its equivalent qualifications.
  4. Undergraduate Programs: Minimum requirement: An overall mean of C+ (plus) and above in KCSE or its equivalent qualifications.
  5. Postgraduate Programs: Entry requirement: A Bachelors degree from an accredited university with a degree awarded with First Class or an Upper Second Class Honours. Applicants with Lower Second Class Honours and a Higher Diploma with relevant experience may also be considered if the degree or diploma is relevant to the field of study.

GLUK has three intakes for its academic programs, which are in January, May, and September of every year.

Admission Procedure:

  1. Research Programs: Before applying, prospective students are encouraged to research the academic programs they are interested in and familiarize themselves with the admission requirements for each program.
  2. Application: Once you have selected the program you wish to apply for and met the admission requirements, proceed to the application process.
  3. Application Form: You can obtain the application form from the university’s website or admissions office. Fill in the form with accurate information.
  4. Submission: Attach all the required documents, such as academic transcripts, certificates, and identification documents, to the application form.
  5. Application Fee: Pay the required application fee, as indicated by the university, to complete the application process.
  6. Review and Selection: The university’s admissions office will review all completed applications and select candidates based on the set criteria for each program.
  7. Notification: Successful applicants will be notified of their admission status. You may receive an admission letter or email.
  8. Acceptance: If you are offered admission, you will need to confirm your acceptance by following the instructions provided by the university. This may involve paying an acceptance fee or completing additional paperwork.
  9. Registration: Once you have accepted the admission offer, you will need to register for classes and complete any other registration requirements before the start of the academic term.

For specific details and the most up-to-date information, always refer to the Great Lakes University of Kisumu’s official website or contact their admissions office directly.


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