Gharama za Bima ya Afya kwa Mtu Binafsi NHIF 2023 (NHIF Insurance Packages)

Gharama za Bima ya Afya kwa Mtu Binafsi NHIF, in this post or article you will find out the way that NHIF you can subscribe to the package that is within your capability depend with the amount of money that you have. The best things about this is that they help to provide support to the people that can get health benefits by using the card belong to them which contains the number of services that you can benefit.

Gharama za Bima ya Afya kwa Mtu Binafsi NHIF

Gharama za Bima ya Afya kwa Mtu Binafsi NHIF (NHIF Insurance Packages). This is a Social Health Insurance Institution established under the National Health Insurance Act, Cap 395 with the main objective of ensuring accessibility of health care services to people. It is a Government entity that operates under the Ministry of Health (MOH). The management of the Fund is vested to the Board of Directors while its day to day operations are overseen by the Director General. The Fund considers health insurance as a societal affair rather than an individual need and thus operates under the principles of risk sharing and solidarity among members.

Gharama za Bima ya Afya kwa Mtu Binafsi 2023 NHIF (NHIF Insurance Packages)
(NHIF Insurance Packages)

Gharama za Bima NHIF

This is gharama za Bima NHIF. This is how you can choose which package that you think will be suitable for you by considering your amount of money that you have. So make sure that you choose the right package which you can think that for you will be helpful. Gharama za Bima ya Afya kwa Mtu Binafsi NHIF (NHIF Insurance Packages)

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Age Group 18-35

  • Najali Afya 192,000
  • Wekeza Afya 384,000
  • Timiza Afya 516,000

Age Group 36-50

  • Najali Afya 240,000
  • Wekeza Afya 440,000
  • Timiza Afya 612,000

Age Group 60+

  • Najali Afya 360,000
  • Wekeza Afya 660,000
  • Timiza Afya 984,000

NHIF Insurance packages

Here are the NHIF Insurance packages that which it describes how each categories are benefits from any package which will be suitable for them and for each group who are eligible for those benefits.

Categories and Network of Certified Health Facilities

The Fund undertakes certifications of facilities that are fully registered by the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, older people and Children to provide services to beneficiaries. These health facilities are divided into three groups namely Government, Faith based organization and Privately owned health facilities. Currently the Fund has certified more than 7,900 health facilities with different levels of accreditation to serve the Fund’s beneficiaries. These categories are:-

  • National Referral,
  • Zonal Referral,
  • Regional Referral,
  • District Hospitals,
  • Diagnostic Centers
  • Specialized Clinics,
  • Health Centers,
  • Dispensaries,
  • Pharmacies, and
  • Accredited Drugs Dispensing Outlets.

Members of the Fund are categorized as follows: –

  • Public Employees
  • Non Public Employees
  • Retired Public Employees
  • Students
  • Children under 18 years
  • Farmers in Cooperative Societies
  • Members of Organized Socioeconomic Groups e.g. Machingas, Bodaboda, Drivers, etc.
  • Individual members under Health Insurance Bundles
  • Bunge Health Insurance Scheme for Members of Parliament
  • Councilors

NHIF Benefits Package

The following medical services are covered by NHIF at all health facilities certified by the Fund:-

a) Registration and consultation;

b) Medicines and medical consumables;

c) Investigations;

d) Dental and ophthalmological services;

e) Inpatient care services;

f) Procedures;

g) Surgical services;

h) Medical and orthopaedic appliances;

i) Rehabilitative services.

However, the following services shall require special approval of the Fund before access:-

a) CT-Scan and MRI

b) Chemotherapy

c) Dialysis services

d) Anti-cancers

e) Immunostimulant

f) Immunosuppressant

g) Orthopaedic appliances

h) Reading spectacles

Hospitali zinazotumia Bima ya NHIF

Hizi ndizo hospitali zinazotumia Bima ya NHIF, kama wewe ni mtumiaji na mnufaika wa bima hii ya NHIF. Hizi ndizo hospitali ambazo unaweza kupata matibabu kwa kutumia bima yako bila gharama yoyote ukiwa na hii kadi.

  • Muhimbili hospital
  • Mnazi mmoja hospital
  • Aga khan hospital
  • Tandale hospital
  • Benjamin Mkapa hospital
  • Hindu mandar hospital
  • Regency hospital
  • And etc.

Gharama za Bima ya Afya kwa Mtu Binafsi NHIF

These are Gharama za Bima ya Afya kwa Mtu mmoja, so make sure that you have subscribed to any NHIF Insurance packages that you think it will be good and suitable for you and your family as a whole because this will be helpful and benefits for you and your family.

For more details about gharama za Bima ya Afya kwa Mtu Binafsi you can check out for NHIF