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GCC Examinations Information Latest, so in this you will find new information about GCC Examinations Information the latest information about the new changes that they made. So you need to review your application or try to make few updates and read new changes that take place also about the payment method.

The administration and co-ordination of Government Certificates of Competence within the Mine Health and Safety Inspectorate is set under the auspices of the Commission of Examiners. It forms a formal part of an educational qualification and is open to any acceptable candidate. For more information about this please visit herevisit here

Candidates must ensure that their applications are submitted well in advance of the closing dates. No allowance will be made for any errors or omissions by candidates, training institutions or other persons or by the postal authorities. All entries are acknowledged and it is the responsibility of candidates to ensure that an acknowledgement has been received.

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GCC Examinations Information

Applications received after closing dates will be transferred to the following examination. Unless otherwise stated, all examinations are three hours long and the pass mark is 50%.

Candidates should note arrangements with reference to the below:

Application form for duplicate certificate

To download copies of the application form for duplicate certificates, click here.

Application form for remark

To download copies of the application form for a remark, click here.

Payment methods with reference to examinations for certificates of competency are as follows:

Option 1:

Candidates may pay the required amount directly into the Head Office account at any ABSA Bank, Account Number 406176 9154, with 010 194 26 OT 12 as the reference number. The original bank deposit slip must be attached to the application form as proof of payment.

Option 2:

Candidates may pay the required amount to the cashier at any Regional office of the Department of Mineral Resources. The cashier must be informed that the payment is for examination purposes.

The original cashier receipt must be attached to the application form as proof of payment.


For more information, contact us at gcc_examinations@dmr.gov.za