Galanos Secondary School Joining Instruction 2023/2024

Galanos Secondary School Joining Instruction 2023/2024

Galanos Secondary School is a renowned boys’ secondary school located in the Tanga Region, Tanzania. It is considered one of the best government schools, and many students aspire to attend it after completing their O-level education and starting A-level.

The school provides a conducive learning environment, and students are encouraged to study diligently to excel in their exams and achieve good grades. Galanos Secondary School boasts excellent infrastructure, including well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, and other facilities essential for students’ learning.

Galanos Secondary School has earned a good reputation in the Tanga Region due to its academic excellence. Many of its graduates have succeeded in higher education and their careers. The school’s reputation attracts students from various regions who seek a quality education compared to other secondary schools.

Galanos Secondary School Joining Instruction 2023:

The Galanos Secondary School Joining Instruction is a comprehensive document that contains all relevant information about the school and its academic programs. This document is intended for students who plan to join Galanos Secondary School in the upcoming academic year 2023/2024 .

The Joining Instruction includes the following details:

  1. Information about School Fees
  2. School Accounts
  3. School Contact Information
  4. Rules and Regulations
  5. Dates to Report at School
  6. School Location and Directions
  7. Subjects Offered
  8. List of Items Required for Reporting to School

The school operates in compliance with Education Law no. 25 of 1978, and students are expected to adhere to the following rules and regulations:

  1. Show respect and courtesy to leaders, parents, staff, other students, and society in general.
  2. Obey Teachers, Non-Teaching Staff, and Viranja (prefects).
  3. Arrive at the school on time and not leave before the school closes.
  4. Follow the daily schedule of school activities.
  5. Attend promptly to all calls, including obedience to the bell.
  6. Wear the school uniform during classes, work, and sports activities.
  7. Seek permission before going outside the school boundaries.
  8. Avoid visiting liquor clubs, pleasure houses, or guest houses.
  9. Any form of intoxication is strictly prohibited.
  10. Quarreling and insults are not tolerated.
  11. Theft, vandalism, and writing on walls or doors are strictly prohibited.
  12. Maintain personal cleanliness and hygiene.
  13. Romantic relationships are not allowed within the school premises.
  14. Marriage or being married while still a student is not allowed.
  15. Students are not allowed to visit staff members’ houses without permission.

To access the Galanos Secondary School Joining Instruction for the academic year 2023/2024 you can use the provided link to download the PDF document. It is essential to read the instruction thoroughly before reporting to the school.

Please remember that adherence to the school rules and regulations is vital to maintaining a positive learning environment and ensuring a successful academic journey at Galanos Secondary School.

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