Ebanie Bridges Measurements, Bio, Next Fight, Husband, Net Worth, Record, Married

Ebanie Bridges Measurements, Bio, Next Fight, Husband, Net Worth, Record, Married: Ebanie Bridges, the spirited Australian professional boxer, steps into the ring with a charisma that extends beyond her formidable punches. Born on March 4, 1987, in New South Wales, she brings not just power but a unique story that adds layers to her persona.

Ebanie Bridges Bio

Full Name Ebanie Bridges
Nickname Blonde Bomber
Birthdate March 4, 1987
Birthplace New South Wales, Australia
Age 36 years
Profession Professional Boxer
Education Bachelor of Education from the University of Newcastle, Australia
Height 5 feet, 5 inches
Weight Class Bantamweight
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Previous Jobs Math teacher, part-time model
Hobbies Motorbikes, Tattoos, Body Positivity, and Dog Lovers
Net Worth $1-$1.5 million

Ebanie Bridges Early Days and Unconventional Beginnings

Growing up in the quaint town of Gilgandra, New South Wales, Ebanie Bridges discovered her love for boxing at an early age. It was a small town with big dreams, and Bridges found herself drawn to the sport, eventually training at a local gym. Her journey into boxing wasn’t a traditional one; before lacing up her gloves, she worked as a math teacher and dabbled in part-time modeling.

From the classroom to the ring

After completing her high school education, Ebanie took a bold step, moving to Sydney to chase her passion for boxing. While training rigorously, she supported herself through various jobs, showcasing the determination that would later define her in the ring. In 2019, she turned professional, marking the beginning of a new chapter.

The Boxing Odyssey

Joining Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing in 2019, Ebanie made a memorable debut, securing victory over Bec Connolly in December of the same year. Her career continued to soar in 2020 with three wins, including a knockout triumph over Porntip Buapa, earning her the WBA Oceania bantamweight title.

Ebanie Bridges Beyond the Ring

Ebanie Bridges isn’t just a boxer; she’s a woman of diverse interests and talents. Standing at 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm), her striking physical appearance includes colorful hair and tattoos, creating a visual spectacle in the bantamweight division.

Ebanie Bridges Educational Pursuits

Before boxing became her full-time pursuit, Ebanie earned a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Newcastle in New South Wales, showcasing her commitment to both mental and physical prowess.

Ebanie bridges financial success

With success in the ring, Bridges has accumulated a net worth estimated at between $1 and $1.5 million. It’s a testament to her dedication and growing influence in the world of professional boxing.

Ebanie Bridges Personal Life

While Ebanie Bridges is a force to be reckoned with in the ring, she keeps her personal life guarded. Despite a previous relationship, she shared on social media in May 2021 that she is currently single. The details of her romantic life remain private, leaving fans curious about the woman behind the gloves.

Ebanie Bridges Ethnicity and Nationality

In terms of her background, Ebanie identifies as a Caucasian with Australian citizenship. Her identity is firmly rooted in her Australian roots.

Ebanie Bridges Notable Matches

Ebanie’s journey in the ring is peppered with remarkable matches. Her debut with Matchroom Boxing against Bec Connolly showcased her skills in a six-round bantamweight bout. The knockout victory over Porntip Buapa in August 2020 for the WBA Oceania bantamweight title further solidified her presence. A unanimous decision win against Carol Earl in February 2021 demonstrated her evolving prowess.

Ebanie Bridges Life Beyond Boxing

Beyond the ring, Ebanie Bridges is a multifaceted individual. Before boxing, she was a math teacher, finding solace in the sport to relieve stress. She’s not just an athlete but a model who has graced publications like Playboy and Maxim Australia. An advocate for body positivity, Bridges uses her platform to challenge unrealistic beauty standards in the media.

Ebanie Bridges Hobbies and Interests

Away from the spotlight, Ebanie indulges in her love for motorbikes, showcasing a passion for riding. Her affinity for tattoos is evident, with ink adorning her body, including a boxing glove on her right hand. A dog lover, she shares her life with two furry companions named Rocky and Apollo.

Ebanie Bridges Social Media Presence

Active on social media, particularly Instagram, Ebanie Bridges connects with a vast audience. Sharing updates about her boxing career and personal life, she provides a glimpse into the woman behind the gloves.

Looking Ahead

At 36, Ebanie Bridges is in the prime of her career, disproving the notion that success in boxing has an age limit. Her commitment to the sport and relentless training schedule underscore her dedication.

Ebanie Bridges Social Media Accounts

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In conclusion, Ebanie Bridges isn’t just a boxer; she’s a symbol of determination, breaking barriers in a male-dominated sport. Beyond the ring, she’s a woman of substance, embodying strength, resilience, and a commitment to her passions. As she continues to captivate audiences with her performances, Ebanie Bridges remains an inspiration both inside and outside the boxing arena.


When did Ebanie Bridges last fight?

Bridges (9-1, 4 KO) last fought in December 2022, when she stopped Shannon O’Connell in the eighth round in her first title defense. She won the title earlier in 2022 with a unanimous decision over Maria Cecilia Roman.

How tall is Ebanie Bridges?

Ebanie Bridges stands at 5 feet, 5 inches (165 cm) tall.

Who is the blonde bomber?

The Blonde Bomber is a nickname often used for Ebanie Bridges, the Australian professional boxer. It highlights her striking appearance, including her colorful hair, which adds to her unique persona in the boxing world.

Who is Ebanie Bridges?

Ebanie Bridges is an Australian professional boxer known for her charismatic personality and colorful presence in the ring. Born on March 4, 1987, in New South Wales, she entered the boxing scene after working as a math teacher and part-time model. Ebanie has gained popularity for her exciting fighting style and has competed in the bantamweight division.