Courses Offered At The Amazon College (Kozi zinazotolewa Amazon College)

Courses Offered At The Amazon College (Kozi zinazotolewa Amazon College) : The Amazon College, a government-registered institution under the Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA), offers a diverse range of certificate-level courses. With several branches located in Dar es Salaam, including Buguruni, Kariakoo, Magomeni, Mbagala Rangi Tatu, Mbezi, Tegeta, and Banana, the college provides an ideal learning environment with spacious classrooms and competent teachers.

The courses offered at The Amazon College open up numerous employment opportunities in both large and small cities across Tanzania. Whether you are a recent O-level or A-level graduate or even hold a degree and seek to add valuable skills to your CV, Amazon College has a suitable course for you.

Here is a comprehensive list of the courses offered at The Amazon College:

  1. Certificate in Full Hotel Management
  2. Certificate in Basic Hotel Management – Mbagala
  3. Certificate in Tourism at the Basic Level
  4. Certificate in Accounting and Printing
  5. Computer Application Course
  6. English Writing and Speaking Course
  7. Basic Driving Course
  8. Makeup & Hairdressing Course

Students attending The Amazon College should be mindful of the following guidelines:

  1. All students must have a school ID card and should wear it around their neck at all times. In case of a lost ID card, students must report it to the police station and pay Tsh. 10,000/= to obtain a replacement.
  2. Students should strictly follow the college’s uniform policy; failure to do so may result in restricted classroom entry.
  3. Students wearing hijabs must ensure they wear white-colored hijabs only.
  4. Students wishing to wear turbans or hats must seek permission from the principal.
  5. The use of alcoholic beverages, smoking cigarettes, or any form of cannabis is strictly prohibited on campus. Violation of this rule may result in suspension from studies.
  6. Regular attendance is mandatory for all classes from Monday to Friday, and students should be punctual throughout the study period.

By adhering to these guidelines and choosing the appropriate course, students at The Amazon College can embark on a journey of skill development and secure better prospects in the job market. The college’s commitment to delivering quality education and fostering a conducive learning environment ensures that students receive the best training and preparation for their future careers.

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