Courses Offered At Ardhi University ARU 2023/2024

Courses Offered At Ardhi University ARU 2023/2024 : Ardhi University (ARU) offers a diverse range of courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, catering to students interested in pursuing a degree or enhancing their professional development. With a variety of options available, ARU provides an excellent opportunity for academic and career growth.

Some of the popular courses offered at Ardhi University include:

  1. Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch)
  2. Bachelor of Science in Urban and Regional Planning
  3. Bachelor of Science in Land Management and Valuation
  4. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
  5. Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance
  6. Bachelor of Science in Interior Design
  7. Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture
  8. Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying and Construction Economics
  9. Bachelor of Science in Regional Development Planning
  10. Bachelor of Science in Housing and Infrastructure Planning
  11. Bachelor of Arts in Economics
  12. Bachelor of Arts in Community and Development Studies (BA. CDS)
  13. Bachelor of Science in Real Estate (Finance and Investment)
  14. Bachelor of Science in Property and Facilities Management
  15. Bachelor of Science in Geomatics
  16. Bachelor of Science in Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing
  17. Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems and Networks
  18. Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management
  19. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering
  20. Bachelor of Science in Municipal and Industrial Services Engineering
  21. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Management
  22. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Laboratory Sciences and Technology

Ardhi University comprises various schools offering specialized courses, such as the School of Architecture, Construction Economics and Management (SACEM), School of Spatial Planning and Social Science (SSPSS), School of Earth Sciences, Real Estates, Business and Informatics (SERBI), and School of Engineering and Environmental Studies (SEES).

About Ardhi University:

Ardhi University Campus is situated in Dar es Salaam, along University Road, adjacent to the University of Dar es Salaam, approximately 12.00 kilometers from the Dar es Salaam City Centre. The university is in close proximity to several other academic institutions, including Rwegarulila Water Resources Institute, The National Institute of Transport, The Institute of Social Welfare, and the National Tax Institute.

For students seeking a quality education in various fields, Ardhi University provides a conducive learning environment with experienced faculty and modern facilities. Whether you are interested in architecture, planning, engineering, finance, or other disciplines, ARU offers a wide array of courses to suit your academic and career aspirations.

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