Construction Project Manager at CRDB Bank Plc September Latest

Construction Project Manager at CRDB Bank Plc September Latest
Construction Project Manager at CRDB Bank Plc September Latest


Construction Project Manager

CRDB Bank Plc

Dar es Salaam

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Construction Project Manager Job Vacancy at CRDB Bank Plc
Job Reporting To: Portfolio Manager, Construction Projects

Department: Project management

Location: CRDB Bank PLC HQ

Job Purpose

In the world of construction, the pursuit of excellence and adherence to high standards are non-negotiable. As such, the pivotal role of a Project Management Consultant emerges as the linchpin in ensuring that a company’s construction projects not only meet but consistently maintain the set standards of quality and precision.

Responsibilities And Accountability

  1. Use appropriate verification techniques to manage changes in respect to project quality.
  2. Monitor and inspect construction activities and advise the bank on quality control and quality assurance issues, such as non-compliance with standards or potential problems.
  3. Respond in a timely manner to address and resolve stakeholders concerns related to inspection and verification activities.
  4. Coordinates and executes all activities related to site inspections in a timely manner that allows for high efficiency without sacrificing stakeholders’ satisfaction by efficiently prioritizing and managing assignments to completion.
  5. Evaluates Contractor capabilities to provide required quality and maintain schedule.
  6. Possesses and applies comprehensive knowledge to the completion of significant quality assignments.
  7. Analyses, evaluates and plans methods of quality management approach, as well as organizes means to achieve solution of complex technical problems.
  8. Technically supervises quality projects or major phases of significant quality projects, coordinating the efforts of technical support team in the performance of assigned project.
  9. Serve as bank representative during construction and closeout activities.
  10. Provide feedback on issues related to Quality Assurance and Control Measures, certification of work in place, and overall utilization and impacts.
  11. Meet with business stakeholders and other stakeholders to understand their needs (Quality and Standards of construction projects).
  12. Develop and custodian of the construction quality procedures, standards and specifications.
  13. Implement the construction quality management plan and supervise the performance of the contractors to deliver the required standards.
  14. Ensure that all designs meet the customer’s needs while adhering to designated standards.
  15. Proactively identify constructability issues when inspecting construction projects, propose solutions, and take corrective actions.
  16. Matching materials specifications between BOQ and delivered standards by the contractor.
  17. Coordinate and supervise construction activities required to meet the quality standards.
  18. Conduct site inspections, take measurements and recommends any changes or additional to maintain the required standards.
  19. Ensure that all construction projects are delivered on time, with scope without compromising the quality and standards required.
  20. Conduct inventory audit and or measurement of the delivered works.
  21. During check scales, immediately communicate any log quality issues identified to the relevant stakeholders such Project managers, line manager and other key stakeholders.
  22. Manage the relationship between the bank and contractors as well as consultant team.
  23. Conduct quality verification of project materials, on-going construction activities as well as testing of materials/system being delivered and or installed at the site.
  24. Evaluate progress and prepare detailed reports.
  25. Monitor and report to relevance committees, line manager or/and higher-level management, including progress report, risks, issues, dependencies etc in a timely manner.
  26. Collaborate with engineers, architects, Quantity Surveyors etc to determine the specifications of the project.
  27. Maintain and enforce good construction standards and quality control.
  28. Define and measure success metrics and monitor the quality.
  29. Ensure completion of and track all independent testing and inspections as required for all services (air-conditioning, network, electrical, security and all other systems).
  30. Ensure the completion of all snags and defects during the project life cycle reflect to the required standards.

Supervision Functions:

  • Provide support, advice and guidance to business units, construction project teams and the staff under his/her supervision in achieving their individual, unit and Bank wide performance goals.
  • Construction Project Manager Job Vacancy at CRDB Bank Plc

Education, Experience, Knowledge and Skills Required

  1. Degree/master’s degree from any recognized University
  2. Project Management Professionals/Certification
  3. Ability to act as a project “driver” and drive implementation of key initiatives.
  4. Ability to work in dynamic conditions, and transition quickly between collaborative and individual work.
  5. Ability to work in a team
  6. Minimum 5 years of experience related to Project Management or successful delivery of construction projects.
  7. In-depth understanding of construction procedures, materials and project management principles
  8. Excellent communication skills with ability to communicate across all levels of the organization, present complex ideas concisely and clearly articulate technical ideas to all audiences.
  9. Good knowledge of Microsoft Project Office, presentation skills using Microsoft PowerPoint
  10. Excellent organizational and time-management skills
  11. A team player with leadership abilities.

Deadline 10th Sept 2023

How to Apply:


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