Call For Interview At Uyui District Council

Call For Interview At Uyui District Council , The Tabora District Council, established by the Act of Local Government No. 7 of 1982, has been serving the people of Uyui District since its inauguration on January 1, 1983. The primary objective of the Tabora District Council is to enhance the provision of superior social and economic services to the residents of Uyui District.

Interview Announcement

The Executive Director of Uyui District is pleased to inform all applicants who applied for the positions of Village Executive III, Special Secretary III, and Driver II, as announced in the Job Advertisement dated that the interview is scheduled to be held. The interviews will take place at the Uyui Council Meeting Hall, commencing at 01:30 in the morning. Moreover, the selection interview for the Village Executive cadre will be conducted at Idea Secondary School, starting at 1.30 in the morning. The interview schedule for each cadre is as follows:

Interview Schedule:

  • Village Executive III; Uyui Council Meeting Hall
  • Special Secretary III: Uyui Council Meeting Hall
  • Driver II: Uyui Council Meeting Hall

Important Instructions for Interviewees

To ensure a smooth interview process, all candidates are requested to take note of the following instructions:

  1. Verify Name and Details: Each interviewee must check their name on the list of interviewees accurately to confirm their selection.
  2. Identification: All interviewees must present valid identification documents, such as Resident ID, Voter ID, Work ID, Citizenship ID, or passport.
  3. Certificates: Interviewees are required to bring their original certificates, starting from the birth certificate, Form IV, VI, Diploma, and any other qualifications relevant to the job advertisement.
  4. No Testimonials or Provisional Results: The presentation of “Testimonials,” “Provisional Results,” or “Statement of results slips” will not be accepted, and candidates with such documents will not be allowed to proceed with the interview.
  5. Personal Expenses: Interviewees are responsible for covering their own expenses, including food, travel, and accommodation during the interview period.
  6. Check Interview Details: Each interviewee must verify the date, time, and location of their scheduled interview. For applicants who studied outside of Tanzania, ensure that your certificates have been verified and approved by relevant authorities, such as TCU, NACTE, or NECTA.
  7. Incomplete List of Shortlisted Candidates: Applicants whose names do not appear in this advertisement should be aware that they do not meet the required criteria. However, they are encouraged to apply for future job vacancies, following the requirements of relevant announcements.
  8. Stay Informed: Interviewees are advised to regularly visit the Council’s website and notice boards for any updates or changes that may arise.

For the complete list of Call For Interview At Uyui District Council please click on the provided link

Uyui District Council is committed to conducting a fair and transparent interview process to select qualified candidates for these positions. We wish all applicants the best of luck in their interviews.

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