Call For Interview at Shinyanga Municipal Council

Call For Interview at Shinyanga Municipal Council .The Director of Shinyanga Municipal Council announces that all applicants who applied for the position of Special Secretary Grade III, as per the announcement issued  with Reference No. SHY/MC/S.20/2 VOL X/56, are invited for an interview. The written interview will take place and the face-to-face interview will be held  at Lewis Kalinjuna Hall, Shinyanga Municipal Council.

Important Instructions for Shinyanga Municipal Council 2022 Interview

  • Date, Time, and Location: Interviewees must carefully note the date, time, and location of the interview to ensure they are present on time.
  • Original Certificates: Interviewees are required to bring their original certificates of Education and Profession.
  • Not Acceptable: Testimonials, Provisional Results, Statement of Results, and result slips will not be accepted.
  • Written and Face-to-Face Interview: The written interview will be conducted on at 2.00 am. Candidates who pass the written interview will proceed to the face-to-face interview
  • Original Birth Certificate: Interviewees are advised to bring their original birth certificate to the interview.
  • Certificates from Overseas: Candidates who studied abroad should arrive with their certificates from the Council of Territories and relevant authorities such as TCU and NECTA.
  • Personal Expenses: Interviewees will be responsible for covering their own expenses during the interview process.
  • Application Unsuccessful: Applicants whose names did not appear in the list of selected candidates should understand that their application was unsuccessful. They are encouraged to apply again when new job vacancies are announced.

Call For Interview at Shinyanga Municipal Council | Selected Candidates

Below is the list of selected candidates called for the interview:

  1. Anna Zebedayo Mfinanga – P.O. Box 28 Shinyanga
  2. Suzana Gervas Mpasa – P.O. Box 320 Shinyanga
  3. Leticia B. Milekwa – P.O. Box 62 Shinyanga
  4. Joyce Busumabu – P.O. Box 160 Bukama – Rorya
  5. Helena Jiduma – P.O. Box 28 Shinyanga
  6. Thabiza Thomas Makambi – P.O. Box 1288 Kishapu – Shinyanga
  7. Bertha Johola Jonas – P.O. Box 193 Kahama
  8. Prisca Edward Kagobora – P.O. Box 193 Kahama
  9. Joyce Elias Lutema – P.O. Box 149 Kahama
  10. Sima D. Kaiza – P.O. Box 62 Shinyanga
  11. Getrude Ruhiye – P.O. Box 28 Shinyanga
  12. Zeituni Baraka Iddi – P.O. Box 07 Shinyanga
  13. Alice Atimoni Mahilane – P.O. Box 35093 Dar es Salaam
  14. Winfrida Cosntantine Paul – P.O. Box 164 Kahama
  15. Diana Julius Jonas – P.O. Box 1333, Ilemela Mwanza
  16. Amina Juma Shaban – P.O. Box 171 Kiomboi Iramba
  17. Peace Thomas – P.O. Box 329 Shinyanga

Uyui District Council is committed to conducting a fair and transparent interview process to select qualified candidates for these positions. We wish all applicants the best of luck in their interviews.

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