Bwawani Secondary School: A Beacon of Quality Education in Tanzania

Bwawani Secondary School: A Beacon of Quality Education in Tanzania

Bwawani Secondary School Location, Results & Contact

Bwawani Secondary School, founded in 1978 as Ubena Sekond, is a renowned co-educational learning institution located in the Pwani region of Tanzania. Owned by Jeshi la Magereza Tanzania Bara (Tanzania Mainland Prisons Department), the school holds full registration with the Tanzania National Examination Council (NECTA).

Discover Bwawani Secondary School

Bwawani Secondary School stands as one of Tanzania’s premier institutions, committed to providing high-quality education to its students. The school fosters a lively and welcoming environment that facilitates effective learning. Offering both Ordinary-Level and Advanced-Level studies, Bwawani Secondary School ensures a comprehensive educational experience for all its students.

Bwawani High School Application Form

If you are considering enrolling your child in Bwawani High School, the first step is to obtain the application form. The school administration provides application forms, and they can be obtained from various locations as instructed by the school. Here are some places where you can acquire the Bwawani Secondary School application form (Fomu za kujiunga na kidato cha kwanza Bwawani Secondary):

  • Chuo cha Magereza Ukonga
  • Bwawani Secondary School
  • Mpanda Stationary Bwawani
  • Msimbazi Centre, Room No. 9
  • Makao Makuu ya Magereza Dodoma
  • Magereza Ofisi Zote za Mikoa

Bwawani Secondary School Contact

For any questions or inquiries, you can reach out to the management of Bwawani Secondary School using the following contact details:

Bwawani Secondary School Subjects

Bwawani Secondary School offers a wide range of subjects at both O-Level and A-Level. Here are the subjects offered at each level:

O-Level Subjects:

  1. Civics
  2. History
  3. Geography
  4. Kiswahili
  5. English Language
  6. French Language
  7. Literature In English
  8. Physics
  9. Chemistry
  10. Biology
  11. Information & Computer Studies
  12. Basic Mathematics
  13. Commerce
  14. Book-Keeping

A-Level Subjects:

  1. General Studies
  2. History
  3. Geography
  4. Kiswahili
  5. English Language
  6. Chemistry
  7. Biology
  8. Basic Applied Mathematics

Matokeo ya Bwawani Secondary School Results

Bwawani Secondary School has consistently achieved excellent results in its examinations. Here are the recent ACSEE 2022 Examination Results:

SEX I II III IV 0 F 5 9 0 0 0 M 2 12 3 0 0 T 7 21 3 0 0

Benefits of Choosing Bwawani Secondary School

  1. Academic Excellence: Bwawani Secondary School is renowned for its academic excellence, as evidenced by its outstanding results in regional and national exams. The school’s dedicated faculty ensures that students receive the best possible education.
  2. Comprehensive Curriculum: With a wide range of subjects offered at both O-Level and A-Level, Bwawani Secondary School provides students with diverse options to pursue their interests and aspirations.
  3. Inclusive Learning Environment: As a co-educational institution, Bwawani Secondary School fosters an inclusive learning environment where students from diverse backgrounds interact and learn together.
  4. Safe and Welcoming Campus: The school prides itself on providing a secure and welcoming campus for students, allowing them to focus on their studies and personal growth.
  5. Preparation for the Future: By equipping students with 21st-century skills and knowledge, Bwawani Secondary School prepares them to face the challenges of the modern world and succeed in their chosen endeavors.


Bwawani Secondary School has consistently proven itself as a leading educational institution in Tanzania. With its commitment to academic excellence, diverse curriculum, and nurturing environment, the school provides students with a solid foundation for a successful future. As you consider the best educational opportunities for your child, Bwawani Secondary School stands out as a beacon of quality education and a place where students can thrive and realize their potential. Enroll your child at Bwawani Secondary School today and open the doors to a bright and promising future.

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