Airwing Secondary School Fee, Results, Contact & Combination

Airwing Secondary School Fee, Results, Contact & Combination . Airwing Secondary School is a prestigious private co-educational boarding and day school located in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The school is renowned for providing high-quality education to its students and fostering a conducive learning environment to facilitate their academic growth.

At Airwing Secondary School, both “O” and “A” Level students are enrolled with the aim of achieving excellent academic results and nurturing students who are creative, disciplined, and equipped to realize their full potential. The school is situated in the Ilala municipality near Banana Gongo la Mboto, Dar es Salaam, making it easily accessible to students.

Academically, the school offers a wide range of programs, including O-Level, A-Level, Qualified Test (QT), and Private Candidates (PC). Additionally, Airwing provides vocational training courses in Mechanics, Driving, Welding, and Electrical through VETA.

The school is fully registered with the Tanzania Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, as well as NECTA and VETA. It boasts a competent and motivated staff, well-equipped infrastructure, a library, and a computer lab, ensuring that students have a conducive and secure environment for learning. The school building consists of two floors and provides ample teaching and learning facilities. The campus also includes a spacious sports field, allowing students to participate in various sports activities. Administrative offices, an IT lab, and a library are also part of the school’s setup.

For inquiries or communication with Airwing High School, you can use the following contact details:

Airwing High School P.O. Box 18111, Dar es Salaam Phone: 0784 764 070 School Facebook Page

Regarding school fees, Airwing Secondary School’s fees are competitive compared to other top schools in Tanzania. The fees may vary depending on whether the student is a day scholar or a boarding scholar, with boarding students generally paying higher fees. The school fees may change from time to time, so it is advisable to directly contact or visit the school for accurate fee information.

Below is the list of subjects offered at Airwing High School (S0784):

O-Level Subjects:

  1. Civics
  2. History
  3. Geography
  4. Kiswahili
  5. English Language
  6. Physics
  7. Chemistry
  8. Biology
  9. Basic Mathematics
  10. Commerce
  11. Book-Keeping

A-Level Subjects:

  1. General Studies
  2. History
  3. Geography
  4. Kiswahili
  5. English Language
  6. Chemistry
  7. Biology
  8. Basic Applied Mathematics
  9. Advanced Mathematics
  10. Economics

Please note that the information provided here is specific to Airwing Secondary School and may change over time, so it is advisable to verify details directly with the school for the most up-to-date information

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